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Speckled Towels Reviews

42 Reviews

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I love them

So soft and thick.

Sheila @. - Verified Buyer
The softest towel I ever

The softest towel I ever had.

Eugenia S. - Verified Buyer
Super soft. Worth every penny!

Super soft. Worth every penny!

Jennifer Z. - Verified Buyer
Bath sheets are big and

Bath sheets are big and soft and fluffy. Great quality!

Tricka W. - Verified Buyer
So soft, absorbent and I

So soft, absorbent and I love the pattern!

Julia J. - Verified Buyer
Super happy with these towels

Super happy with these towels

Denise H. - Verified Buyer
My Absolute Favorite!

Super impactful in my rather bland apartment bathroom. When you can’t select the finishes or paint and the only design you can introduce is through the Towels you choose...super clean lines, nod to mid-century, and plush baby plush. Love these towels!

Lynn R. - Verified Buyer
Super cute but a little linty

I LOVE these towels. The look, the feel the vibe. All of it. The ONLY drawback is that they are so soft to where they are actually linty. Like when you towel off after the shower little fuzzies get stuck to you and fly around your bathroom. However they are so cute and I’m so determined to keep them that I’ve washed them multiple times and hanging to dry outside (I read online that the outside breeze helps blow off the fuzzies). They are getting better. Less lint every time. I was also nervous about the colored “speckles” coming off like some of the reviews said, but have not. Maybe a few here and there, but I’ve washed and hung them out to dry like 5 times now and there are still plenty of “speckles”.

Shelby R. - Verified Buyer
Great Feel

I bought two of these bath towels maybe a month ago. I love the look and feel of them. I know on other reviews people have said that the black flecks fall out and leave you with a gray towel. This has yet to happen to me but I see that the flecks are not woven and kind of just cling to the towel and can be pulled off. However I am still happy with this purchase because the feel of the towel is very good.

Betse F. - Verified Buyer
Super soft and absorbent but

These are about the softest towels that I’ve ever used and very absorbent. The only downside is that the threads pull out fairly easily so I question their durability.

Matthew K. - Verified Buyer