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Spa Towels Reviews

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Love it

Love it

Sophie K. - Verified Buyer
Nice hand towel

Nice hand towel

Mary N. - Verified Buyer
Lots of shedding

Upon my first use it was practically unusable with all the shedding. It's still a lovely texture, so I'm hoping that after a few washes the shedding stops.

Maria M. - Verified Buyer
The perfect fit

The bath sheet is huge and soo luxurious. All the towels are the perfect mix between super soft and worn in. I would 100% recommend these! They are such good quality. They do shed a little bit on the first use, but after a few washes it stops.

Brianna S. - Verified Buyer
Don’t understand all the hype

Really loved the feel, fluffiness and softness of these towels at first but after just 3 washes they are already getting hard and have lost their softness. I have followed all of the washing and drying instructions ...

Kenneth S. - Verified Buyer
They're ok.

I hoped for something a bit more lush for the price, but these are fairly thin and small. They're fine, they're towels and they're working and they look nice, but they don't have that nice "ooooooh" feeling that I was hoping for. I already washed them and used them so I'll keep them. Probably wouldn't buy them again though.

Kimberly J. - Verified Buyer
The towels are ok

They are not absorbent and could look shabby depending on how your bathroom is styled. If you like to dry off quick... these are not your towels.

Susan C. - Verified Buyer
Just OK

I purchased the natural color Spa Towels and the color is well represented in the pictures. The fringe on the edge is a nice touch that takes the towel from plain to stylish. They are pretty absorbent as well which was a positive because these towels are pretty thin. Looking back I probably would have bought the bath sheets for a more coverage. My biggest issue with these towels is that they shed so bad. I've washed them twice and it has not helped. After every shower there are little pieces of fuzz all over me. If you are thinking of purchasing, use for display or hand drying, but would not recommend for daily shower use!

Olivia S. - Verified Buyer
Thin and Sheds

I would not recommend these towels. They're on the thin side for the cost and they have continued shedding even after washing. Overall, these are too expensive for the so-so quality.

Laura C. - Verified Buyer
Lint explosion

The first time I washed these towels, my dryer actually auto shut off because the lint filter got so clogged. It looked like a furry animal had exploded inside the machine. I figured it was just the first wash. Then every time I used the towels, there was lint flying everywhere in my bathroom. It looked like it was snowing. I have now washed them 3 times and been using them for 3 weeks and each time the towel just sheds more and more lint and gets thinner and thinner. I am a huge fan of Parachute bedding and was excited to get these towels, but I am confused how there are any 5 star reviews for these.

Sarah C. - Verified Buyer