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Soft Rib Towels Reviews

191 Reviews

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142 (74%)
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15 (8%)
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the best

these are by far thee best towels i have ever owned... they wash beautifully, they dry perfect.. they are soft and i wish i hadn't waited to buy them... perfect

Anne T. - Verified Buyer
These towels are soft, they

These towels are soft, they absorb well an they wash well 10000 go get them

Michelle R. - Verified Buyer
The Best Towel EVER

This towel is not only absorbent, but you feel like you're wrapping up in a soft puffy cloud - it's just the best!

Cindy W. - Verified Buyer
Best towel I’ve ever bought!

Once again Parachute has won me over with another high quality product. I’ve loved everything I bought from them. All they need now is a blanket towel for the beach and I’ll be set!

Josh S. - Verified Buyer
Soft Rb Towels

Love softness

Nelly P. - Verified Buyer
Soft rib towels

Fantastic towels. Highly recommend!!! And I’m excruciatingly picky!!!

Stan S. - Verified Buyer
Fantastic Towels

Genuinely excited to not only shower, but dry myself with these amazing towels. Incredibly soft, very comfy, very absorbent, fantastic quality. Very happy to ditch my old towels for these!

Oleg S. - Verified Buyer
Cut the bulk

This towel is absorbent. Apparently a towel doesn't need to be bulky to absorb water,. Who knew? It is thinner, soft, and absorbs almost like a chamois. Then it wraps tightly around my hair and pulls out water, leaving my hair drier than my old towels. Lastly, the towel itself dries more quickly than my old ones. It is everything I want a towel to be without the bulk.

Linda B. - Verified Buyer
Soft and Sturdy

I've been on the quest for quality towels and these are soft, sturdy but not heavy and rich in color!

Raven G. - Verified Buyer
Gotta get em all!

Couldn't decide on which type to try so I went with a bundle and couldn't be happier. All are very soft and seem durable. Will look forward to add more in the future

Jason H. - Verified Buyer