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Soft Rib Towels Reviews

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Towel is okay

So far I haven't been that impressed. The towel is a bit rougher than I anticipated but it seems absorbent. I doubt I'll use it as a primary towel.

Kim F. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful, soft, but not absorbent

Beautiful, soft, but not absorbent

Brittany H. - Verified Buyer

Love the color and the towels are very soft, but washing quality is not good. Seams split after first and second wash. Nothing like Restoration Hardware quality

Lori M. - Verified Buyer
Way less absorbent than they should be

Love the color, love the towels to *the touch*, however, these towels are not absorbent, so unfortunately we are disappointed in this particular Parachute purchase.

Laura W. - Verified Buyer
Not as absorbent. They are

Not as absorbent. They are just ok but probably not worth their price

Claudia S. - Verified Buyer
Very soft, but disappointed in the quality

I loved these towels in the store and was excited to purchase the beautiful light grey color they had as it perfectly matches my fog linen sheets. I decided to buy one bath towel and one hand towel to start off. After just one wash and a couple of uses, a bleach stain appeared on my bath towel. I've never used bleach in my washer/dryer so it could not have possibly happened from that. After more uses, my hand towel developed the same stains and they were further exacerbated after washing the towels. I'm not sure if there is a skin product I use that caused this effect or if the towels are just not great quality. I'm very disappointed that I spent so much money on these towels only to have them ruined after a few uses. I'll most likely buy my future towels from Target since they're cheap and I've never had any issues washing or using them.

Maria S. - Verified Buyer
No absorbent

May have to return the bath sheets. Much too large and not abosorbent enough. Haven't had time to put it in a package yet.

Sherri R. - Verified Buyer

Not very absorbent but is soft

Debra C. - Verified Buyer
Disappointed ;(

Thought they would change with a few washings but this "cotton" still feels like polyester. And I normally love and buy all things Parachute.

Stephen N. - Verified Buyer
These towels aren't remotely absorbent.

They look great. Love the colors but it's like trying to dry your body with a dishtowel. Sheets great, towels terrible. Whoever designs the towels should try using them after a shower.

Justin B. - Verified Buyer