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Soft Rib Slippers Reviews

59 Reviews

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33 (56%)
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Wanted to love but didn’t

I wanted to love these slippers but I find them very uncomfortable. At first my foot didn’t fit very well under the strap and it made my toes grip to keep them on. Now I’ve broken them in and so that isn’t the issue but they are still uncomfortable and I still have to grip my toes to keep them on bc they don’t feel very secure. Sadly I never wear them bc they just end up making my feet hurt

Liz G. - Verified Buyer

These slippers are soft underfoot and feel good. However, the band that goes over the top of my foot is too large and I walk right out of the slippers. The length is just right. I wear size 6.5 shoes and ordered XS slippers. Unfortunately I am returning them.

Kathryn H. - Verified Buyer
Would not stay on my feet

These slippers are beautiful but I couldn't walk in them without them coming off my feet even though they were my right size. The return was easy via Fed Ex. That part was great.

Julie Z. - Verified Buyer
Too small

I was told these would fit 10 1/2 foot. They don’t

Kevin C. - Verified Buyer
Just average

These slippers were not great as they shed quite a bit and also the soles that were once high are already flat and its been less than a month, for the high price - not worth a second buy. I also own the quilted slipper and those are great, do not know why those were discontinued

Monette I. - Verified Buyer
Really wanted to like these,

Really wanted to like these, however, they are very difficult to clean. Have only had them for just over a month and already noticing signs of slipper starting to come apart, threads coming loose and rubber starting to separate from slipper and I only wear these inside my house.

Ashley G. - Verified Buyer
Worn look

These slippers are well formed but look worn after wearing them a week. The fabric pills.

Natasha F. - Verified Buyer
Sturdy shoes fabric quality much to be desired

Shoes and sole construction sturdy but the fabric composition is not great and already wear and tear after first couple of usage. Fabric pills and not soft at all. Can’t use as house slippers.

Ann L. - Verified Buyer
Soft but uncomfortable

Wanted to love these - but wide and foot slides forward... Returned.

Lynn N. - Verified Buyer
Not that great

I’ll give these 2 stars for being soft and looking exactly like the picture, but they are not particularly comfortable, and my feet are slipping around in them when I walk. They slip side to side when I walk, and they slip completely off my feet when I walk. Just not very practical when you have to tip toe around your house so your slippers don’t fall off. I regret paying $50 for these.