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Silk Pillowcase Reviews

39 Reviews

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33 (85%)
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Bought it for my hair

... And my hair absolutely loves it. I can see the difference in shinier, less dull hair in the mornings. Also my skin seems to benefit. Now considering buying a few of these. The quality is absolutely there!

Maria G. - Verified Buyer
Love them

Love these. Wash and dry in machine, super easy

Sarah T. - Verified Buyer
Best silk pillow

So silky smooth, easier to wash and fits on my standard pillow perfectly. Excellent quality!

shanti g. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

Love this silk pillow! It does wonders for my hair; can't believe it took me this long to buy one.

Ilana H. - Verified Buyer
Súper luxurious!

I adore my pillow case! After buying one, I bought three more!

Amanda R. - Verified Buyer
Silky Smooth!

Hate how wrinkly it gets so it’s not really on display but love sleeping with this pillow! It’s amazing

Janei P. - Verified Buyer
Very pleasantly surprised

I was intrigued by the website and ended up buying the sateen light grey top sheet and pillowcases, and linen top sheets. I received them shortly after and was blown away by the silky feel of the sateen sheets and pillowcases. For once I didn’t have to fight to get the pillowcases on my king sized pillows, they slinked right on. Sleep that night was wondrous and the next morning I ordered the sateen top sheet and pillowcases in slate. The linen sheets seem very nice but I haven’t tried them on the bed yet. I’m not through with the light grey on the bed and next I’m using the slate. After that I’ll put on the linen which I’m sure are very nice given the way they felt when I unwrapped them and put them away but right now I’m kinda enraptured with the sateen. Sorry, not very manly but who gives a. . . I love the sateen.

Theodore R. - Verified Buyer
The Best Pillowcase

I love this pillowcase! So soft and great quality I’ve machine washed it in a laundry bag and air dried it, no issues. I’ll be buying another one.

Eve R. - Verified Buyer
Love 💗

Loving this pillowcase - my hair is staying smooth and my skin is much happier. Thanks Parachute!

301 M. - Verified Buyer
Another must have

Indulgent and durable. Got this because I cotton and linen snag my hair, silk is more gentle. Parachute's version is excellent quality.

Naomi Y. - Verified Buyer