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Down Side Sleeper Pillow Reviews

310 Reviews

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Pillow too high

The pillow actually feels a bit too high and has made my neck sore. This is never an issue i’ve had with a pillow before. Was so excited and have loved all other Parachute items i’ve received. I plan to keep ordering through you guys, but was super surprised by how much i didn’t like this pillow. Would you mind sending me a return label? Thanks!

Adrian R. - Verified Buyer

I wanted to love these pillows - expected to love them esp. for the price - but have been happier and slept better frankly with pillows under $25 from TJ Maxx. The pillow looked great, felt firm and supportive and that seemed true early evening but by end of night was squashed flat and neck was sore. I was constantly readjusting and gathering the firmness I needed. I returned them immediately. That was easy and gets 5 stars. I learned returned pillows are donated to charity which is lovely and they must get a lot of them.

Karen K. - Verified Buyer
Another disappointment

I purchased the pillow recommended by your site. Now it’s taking up space in the linen closet and my neck is still stiff in the morning. I’m very disappointed.

Kyle B. - Verified Buyer

As a side sleeper, the pillows were way too soft! Your face sinks in and your nose has pillow in front of it, blocking your air! I wish the pillows were firm(er); the design would make them perfect if they were.

Jan A. - Verified Buyer
Very disappointed

I have never written a review before, but I was just so surprised by the poor quality of this pillow. I love parachute and have always considered your items worth the cost. However, I would never buy another pillow from you or recommend anyone else do so. After just two night of using the pillows, we considered returning but didn’t think that was the right thing to do. Overall, I’m very disappointed.

Jennifer R. - Verified Buyer
I didn’t like the pillows

I didn’t like the pillows and are returning them.

Deborah S. - Verified Buyer
Not great

I wanted to love this pillow but I end up with a crick in my neck so often. The pillow is so flimsy it’s like they forgot to fill it, i could ball up the king sized pillow into a softball sized lump. Very disappointed.

Jillian P.
no support

This pillow is way too soft for a side sleeper -- there is no neck support.

Pass on this one

I was ready to buy the traditional down pillow in a medium or firm setting but decided that the side sleepers were denser ergo better for my spine. I was surprised when the package arrived. It was the lightest package I’ve ever picked up. I was again surprised by how little fill these got and am baffled by the claims regarding side sleeping. I was up all night tossing and turning. Fluffing this pillow so my head wouldn't sink to the bottom of it while I side slept. Honestly not sure if other reviewers were paid or got a discount to give glowing reviews. This pillow sleeps flat and hot. So if you're a stomach sleeper, go for it but I will be returning this.

Franklyn R.
No Thank You! Sterlize The Feathers Please!

Fill power was very good, pillow was comfy, but then you wake up in the middle of the night going what is that smell? Returned (which was not very easy). After one night even my pillow case smelled like the feathers which were not properly sterilized.

Dallas S.