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Turkish Shower Curtain Reviews

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Elegant and sophisticated looking and super soft

I love our new shower curtain. The fabric is really nice and soft and it added a nice touch of sophistication to my bathroom. It also really brightened up the bathroom. Highly recommend!

Elyse E. - Verified Buyer

Lovely! Soft, well made, drapes beautifully, especially now that I also ordered the white cloth liner. Was so pleased I bought towels to match the gray.

Kathleen M. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

Love it!

Lisa R. - Verified Buyer

This striped curtain was the perfect touch tomy new bathroom. I love it!

Linda J. - Verified Buyer
Fabulous and so soft

The shower curtain is just what I wanted. Originally I was going to do a glass door and my friend who had one said they’re a pain and not user-friendly. I agree. The black and white horizontal lines echo the subway tile, and relate to the busy floor tiles that I have chosen. It adds another layer of texture to the room, and the detailing of fringe at the bottom add a nice touch of quality. This is the main bathroom for guests, so I wanted to be sure to have quality items in it for them. I really do just love this choice of shower curtain; it completes the bathroom.

Francesca K. - Verified Buyer
Love it!

Love it!

Hisako S. - Verified Buyer
Shower curtin

My favorite new find beautiful, soft, was perfect doe my new remodel and it’s not plastic. More than I expected!

Valerie S. - Verified Buyer
Love it

Great material, soft and as pictured

Dori L. - Verified Buyer
Love love love!

Love love love!

Tarah P. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful shower curtain & liner

It's everything I hoped for. Understated, elegant, simple clean lines, high quality. Totally elevates the look of my tiny bathroom. The liner is even spectacular -- I'm not kidding, it's just not gross like most liners, it's just clearly clearly many steps above. You will be SO happy you got this, as I am.

Gillian A. - Verified Buyer