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Turkish Shower Curtain Reviews

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Shower courtain

I loved it until I washed it and it shrank 2 inches, now it is too short

Jacek p. - Verified Buyer
Incorrect Measurements

This shower curtain is indeed very lovely and as soft as a luxurious Turkish towel. Disappointingly however, the measurements are incorrect. Before ordering this shower curtain I wanted to be sure it would fit (I hate doing online returns) so I measured my space several times just to be certain. I was very excited when I compared and saw it would! Upon receiving though it is several inches longer than stated. It could be that the fringe detailing on the bottom is not accounted for? I don’t know but whatever the case it drags not just slightly but by several inches making it look very messy in our bathroom. I think I will probably end up returning it.

Alanna B.
Not pet friendly

Within a week or two of hanging completely covered in cat hair. It’s a beautiful cotton but not pet friendly :/ if you have little critters that like to play in the tub.

Ashley S. - Verified Buyer
just okay

i have the all white shower curtain and it's just okay

Kim B. - Verified Buyer
Beware, it shrinks a lot!

This shower curtain is beautiful. Unfortunately, it shrank significantly despite following care instructions to a T. It is now 7 inches shorter, and just looks stupidly short in comparison to my shower curtain liner.


Looks good. It was gifted to me. but after one wash it fades and shrinks. Tried to iron but too much work, ironing and fading every time you wash it. No. 👎 Can't return but don't buy.

Ruth s.