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Shower Curtain Liner Reviews

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Best Liner Ever!

After having this liner now a year, I can say it is the best I've ever had. I spent years trying to find a good, washable curtain that actually washed off dirth/ mildew, and this one's does. I feel good about having a sustainable curtain that is also healthy for me (no chemicals).

Leslie G.
Great quality shower curtain liner.

Works great, very light-weight and much healthier than a vinyl curtain.

Jon H.
Very nice

Best curtain liner I’ve ever owned. I love that you can throw it in the wash as well instead of buying plastic liners over and over. The reviews that say the water soaks through... no idea what that’s about because it definitely holds the water in well. I sprayed the water directly at the liner and it did not soak through :)

Kat J.
Great but doesn’t stay in place

I’m really happy with this purchase. It doesn’t smell and it looks great in our bathroom but the bottom is not weighted and so it sometimes escapes the shower. I wish the bottom stayed better but still really pleased with this liner

Karly C. - Verified Buyer
It’s an affective shower curtain.

It’s an affective shower curtain. As long as you don’t take crazy showers. It is not plastic so water will go thru and wet the outer curtain sometimes. But they dry and look great.

Alex R. - Verified Buyer
Shower curtain

Good shower curtain. Haven’t used it enough to see how it holds up.

Vanessa R. - Verified Buyer
Pretty, but gets black moldy

Unfortunately black mold has gotten into my liner, and washing doesn’t get it out. I use this for my daughters bath tub so am trying a new one to see if I have better luck.

Kaitlyn V. - Verified Buyer
Linen shower curtain

Not satisfied with product. 1. Shower curtain is smaller than the liner that I purchased with it via the company so you see the liner on all edges A LOT 2. A hole for the curtain rings was completely sewn shut 3. Linen is VERY thin Bummed, had high hopes for the curtain. I was happy to pay for this product even though admittedly it was more than others on the market. Thought the brand was going to be more luxe than this based on ads, etc everywhere I turn. I would have paid 2x the price for a thicker curtain & slightly larger than plastic liner. In conclusion sadly it looks like the majority of price goes towards marketing & not product.

Jennifer H. - Verified Buyer
Gorgeous & Soft but Molds

This is a really lovely shower curtain liner that you will have to replace every few months. It doesn't smell at all and is soft to the touch but it still, like every liner, gets mold on it that doesn't come out, even after a few times in a washing machine and a hand scrub. I've tried my best to get it clean and I'm basically going to have to toss it after only a few months. Nice product but expensive to have to change every 3-4 months, I don't recommend it for that reason.

Chad J.
Too short

It's not as long as the main shower curtain that I ordered with it.

William C. - Verified Buyer