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Shower Curtain Liner Reviews

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NOT Mildew Resistant! :(

What a bummer! Mildew at bottom despite it saying it’s mildew resistant. Too bad. I like it otherwise.

Gorgeous & Soft but Molds

This is a really lovely shower curtain liner that you will have to replace every few months. It doesn't smell at all and is soft to the touch but it still, like every liner, gets mold on it that doesn't come out, even after a few times in a washing machine and a hand scrub. I've tried my best to get it clean and I'm basically going to have to toss it after only a few months. Nice product but expensive to have to change every 3-4 months, I don't recommend it for that reason.

Chad J.
Too short

It's not as long as the main shower curtain that I ordered with it.

William C. - Verified Buyer
Turns yellow after a couple weeks

I used this shower curtain liner for two weeks and the bottom strip has turned completely yellow/brown. I'm a little disappointed that it changed color in this short amount of time.

Nitar L. - Verified Buyer
Not waterproof

This liner doesn’t work. Every time we showered with this liner up, we had water all over the floor and the shower curtain would be soaked from about halfway down. Not waterproof at all. Ended up buying a new liner off amazon after a few days.

Taylor H. - Verified Buyer
Used to be great

I used this liner for a long time and absolutely loved it but was due for a replacement. It was backordered for so long but I finally got my hands on one after the restock and I am so sad at how much the quality diminished. It doesn't have the weight and durability as the old version. It keeps falling off the shower hooks (that I purchased from Parachute) and the liner flies around during my shower — both issues I never had with my original liner. It also feels way more like a plastic sheet than the fabric feel I am used to. I thought it might have just been me, but my partner is also having the same issue. Really disappointed! I didn't think Parachute would be one of those brands to value demand over quality production.

Not waterproof

Sadly this is not waterproof or mold proof even though the description says it is. It does not hold water in and will soak your bath mat. It seems to have worked for other people and I loved the idea of it but it just doesn’t work in my case for some reason. I would return it if I could but I moved out of the country after I received my items and do not think I am able to anymore.

Alison R.
Shower Curtain Liner

I bought this liner because we had an old PVC one that was becoming moldy and starting to smell. I was turned off by the fact that you can't wash the PVC liners, so I decided to try a liner that was washable. I stumbled upon this site because of their towels (which, so far, are great) and then I saw they made a machine-washable, "100% waterproof" shower curtain liner, so I decided to give it a try. After the very first time I used this liner in my shower, I noticed my bathmat was soaked as well as a puddle on the floor of the bathroom. I figured maybe this was just a coincidence and didn't think anything of it at first. Then it happened again. The third time I showered with this liner I decided to pay attention to what happens when the water hits it.. That was when I discovered that the water was soaking through this "100% waterproof" liner and onto the outside shower curtain and would then create the puddles I was discovering on the floor. I have since changed this liner to a different linen liner that has so far done a way better job and has been tested through at least 10 showers and hasn't leaked through once. After doing some research prior to replacing this liner, I discovered that machine washable shower curtain liners are never 100% waterproof, but some do better jobs than others at repelling water and keeping it inside the shower. Needless to say I was very disappointed with this particular shower curtain liner. I would very much like a refund, but am not sure if I'll be able to get one as it is now open and has been used.

Not worth the cost

I love Parachute and wanted to love this liner but it's completely molded. I spent the extra $ hoping that this liner would be more mildew resistant but it didn't live up to expectation after a short period of time.

Lauren v.