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Shower Curtain Liner Reviews

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Great quality shower curtain liner.

Works great, very light-weight and much healthier than a vinyl curtain.

Jon H.
Very nice

Best curtain liner I’ve ever owned. I love that you can throw it in the wash as well instead of buying plastic liners over and over. The reviews that say the water soaks through... no idea what that’s about because it definitely holds the water in well. I sprayed the water directly at the liner and it did not soak through :)

Kat J.
I’m using it as a

I’m using it as a curtain/liner (I suspect many people do) and have had it up only 2 days. So far, so good. What I am so happy about is the amount of light that filters through from the window.

Shirley M. - Verified Buyer
Great but doesn’t stay in place

I’m really happy with this purchase. It doesn’t smell and it looks great in our bathroom but the bottom is not weighted and so it sometimes escapes the shower. I wish the bottom stayed better but still really pleased with this liner

Karly C. - Verified Buyer
It’s an affective shower curtain.

It’s an affective shower curtain. As long as you don’t take crazy showers. It is not plastic so water will go thru and wet the outer curtain sometimes. But they dry and look great.

Alex R. - Verified Buyer
Shower curtain

Good shower curtain. Haven’t used it enough to see how it holds up.

Vanessa R. - Verified Buyer
Great liner but would be better if it had weights or magnets

I love the material of this liner - as other reviewers have said, it's far superior to stiff plastic liners for many reasons -- but I hate the way it billows inward while I'm showering. Having a clammy cloth wrap itself around me during my otherwise pleasant warm shower is the pits. I'm shocked it doesn't have weights or magnets to prevent this like basically every other liner on the market. Please consider adding.

Mara G. - Verified Buyer

I was so excited to purchase this liner, it is not what I normally pay for one, but bought it on sale. I was especially excited about not having to buy the cheap horrible plastic ones that you have to replace every month. Wasted money and not good for the planet. I can’t tell you how sad and upset I was when I noticed what looked like mold spots on the bottom hem, I can’t be sure but I did try cleaning it with Bon Ami and a toothbrush. Some but not all came off. I am going to put it in the washer and see what happens. Not sure why this happened and so quickly as well. I will update my review soon.

Lorna Q. - Verified Buyer
Nice curtain, but expensive for what it is

The material this shower curtain is made of is soft and I liked that it says it is washable and reusable. My main complaint is the fact that there are no magnets or anything to help weigh it down. A lot of times while showering it will start to gather air and billow.

Julienne L. - Verified Buyer
Shower curtain liner

While I appreciate the 100% polyester and the Oeko Tex certification, this liner attacks you in the shower because there is not any weights in the bottom to hold it down. It was not even usable as bought. I had to sew it to fix it.

Brittany M. - Verified Buyer