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Shower Curtain Liner Reviews

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Shower curtain liner

I have been looking for an alternative to a vinyl shower curtain for a small bathroom with no window so I need something that doesn't hold too much moisture. This shower curtain is light, no order, and it dries quickly. I give it a couple shakes to get some of the water off and it dries quickly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a greener option!

Meg H. - Verified Buyer

The review is for the shower liner, rings + waffle shower curtain. All are perfect! Excellent quality and looks absolutely stunning!!

Perry T. - Verified Buyer

Great quality. Resists mold.

Suzanne G. - Verified Buyer
Boho shower curtain

The curtain is even better in person than in the photos! Such a perfect compliment for my beachy, boho bathroom. :)

Norah F. - Verified Buyer
Perfect for home and environment

Simple, elegant and clean look with the right purpose to save the environment and eliminate plastic or chemicals from my life and home.

Marta S. - Verified Buyer


Terry S. - Verified Buyer
Best Shower Curtain Liner. EVER.

I never thought I'd rave about a shower curtain liner...until I tried this one. We've struggled with finding a liner that doesn't off-gas toxic fumes, can be washed, and doesn't have to be replaced multiple times a year. This is it!! It has a nice weight, looks very clean and classy, doesn't smell, and is very washable. We will be buying another for our second bathroom and when it does need to be replaced, we'll keep buying more. Thank you, Parachute!

Christina G. - Verified Buyer
Nice quality

Found the shower curtain liner was of excellent workmanship. Nice weight and hangs softly.

Valerie M. - Verified Buyer
Shower Curtain Liner

Excellent…exactly what I have been looking for since Restoration Hardware discontinued their similar product. Fabric like…hangs perfect Use it under a linen shower curtain. Love your products!

Beverly P. - Verified Buyer
Not your average liner!

Wonderful quality plus washable! I enjoyed changing out the plastic liners I had with these beautifully made cloth ones! Totally worth the cost. Don't hesitate to buy!

Janel C. - Verified Buyer