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Scented Candle Reviews

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Love it!

I love the candle and the smell. However, I do agree with some of the other reviews. The candle could burn cleaner, and does start to turn black due to the smoke.

Olivia P. - Verified Buyer
Quality Piece

I really enjoy this candle. It has a luxury weighty feel, matte finish, smells nice without overpowering the room. I typically don’t go for scents described as this but I just happened to smell it in store and it’s been a winner! I just wish it were bigger or burned longer for the price. Overall would purchase again as Parachute’s goods are such exquisite quality.

Kayle M. - Verified Buyer

It is pretty smoky even if I trim the wick each time. Also the scent is nice, but very mild. Definitely not worth the luxury price tag, unfortunately. I was a tad bummed. :(

Cymone S. - Verified Buyer
Mixed Candle Review

Positive: The scent of the candle was lovely and just right. For it’s size, the candle burned provided many hours of enjoyment. Negative: The wicks did not burn well which caused the whole interior of white container to turn black. I tried trimming wicks and pouring off wax that had pooled to no avail.

Carolyn S. - Verified Buyer
It's nice... just not quite there

I love the idea of the candle. The design is beautiful. It feels organic, but... the scent is not as lux as I like. I want to love it but need a more impactful scent.

Heather K. - Verified Buyer
Smells nice but doesn’t burn well

The smell is really nice and fresh, and not overpowering which I really like! but this candle does not burn well: it generates a ton of smoke and the inside is now black. Also it sparkles when lighting it or blowing out.

Love the smell, but towards

Love the smell, but towards the end, it started to emit so much black smoke when it was lit. For an expensive candle- that should not happen

Rita F. - Verified Buyer
Bring back the old holder

The new candle holder has a larger diameter than the old one, causing me to burn the candle longer and it run out quicker for a clean and even burn. The matte finish is nice but I’m not a fan of the wider diameter. Scent is same as it always was.

Nick F. - Verified Buyer
Not a fan if this candle

I like the scent of the candle but I am not a fan of the design. After burning it for a while, the edge of the container starts to get dirty from the smoke. I would not recommend this candle given that it’s pretty overpriced

Chia C. - Verified Buyer