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Sateen Top Sheet Reviews

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Not entirely convinced

The feel is good. The color is great. The only issue seems that the sheets will get stained easier than the Percale type sheets. And since I use these sheets with our Airbnb unit, it might not have been the best choice after all. Wondering if I can exchange these for the Percale kind...

Bernard T. - Verified Buyer
I initially fell in love

I initially fell in love with the color and the sheen the navy blue sateen sheets gave off. After washing, they just don't seem to have that great, rich look and I washed as instructed because I called Parachute prior to my purchase. Also my top flat sheet, which I ordered in King, was way big.

Catherine F. - Verified Buyer
Too hot for me

I have a set of the percale (which we love!) and thought I'd try the sateen. I was burning up that first night--way too warm for me! Back to Parachute they went. Nice quality, just not for me.

Ali B. - Verified Buyer
Good, Not Great

A good material, but it hasn't materially softened up with time & washings. I thought they were pre-washed so no shrinking - but when I washed them in hotter water [not truly that hot, but more so than the usual lukewarm] it shrank the fitted sheet so it barely fits. I was hoping for more.

Brenton M. - Verified Buyer
Leaves Something to be Desired

For a premium sheet/premium price, sheets have little or no body/drape and the queen top sheet looks like overkill on my full size bed. Make a full size sheet like everyone else. I also ordered, at the same time, a 300 count sateen organic equivalent from Saatva. For about the same price, it's a superior product, not to mention organic.

Harry Z. - Verified Buyer
sateen top sheet

Instead of a smooth edge at the top, this sheet has a serged seam finish. While it looks okay, I found it very uncomfortable having a seam at my neck and it made it difficult for me to sleep. I would suggest you rethink this design.

Elizabeth H. - Verified Buyer

I was hoping to love these however the color isn’t just right but what’s worse is that after one wash they are not so soft.

Chris R. - Verified Buyer
Just OK

I was so excited to get my new sheets. I just knew I would love them, but I didn't. They were just OK. I have had cheaper sheets that were just as soft or softer and the fit is terrible. I was truly disappointed in my purchase since this was my Christmas gift to myself. I wished I'd saved the money.

Hallie N. - Verified Buyer
My husband and I Absolutely

My husband and I Absolutely loved the sheets so much with the first use that we immediately ordered back up. After 2 washes, they don't feel like the same sheets.

Tiffany Y. - Verified Buyer
Nice Fabric but....

The fabric on these linens is really nice. However I do not like the design of the pillow cases with the back flap enclosure vs opening at the end. Also the top sheet that I ordered in addition is way oversized, hanging almost to the floor on both sides of the bed. Also the top sheet is not finished as the edges appear to be "salvage" edges.

Beth C. - Verified Buyer