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Sateen Top Sheet Reviews

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I would not pay $250 for these sheets. They're just ok. I purchase bedsheets like every quarter and I can say w/o fear of inaccuracy that I have bought far more soft, less wrinkle, sateen sheets with even more color options. Very disappointed.

Jessica S. - Verified Buyer
thought theyd be softer

thought theyd be softer

Laura M. - Verified Buyer
Low quality

Low quality. Scratchy. Runs hot. Fit is off.

Preston P. - Verified Buyer
Scratchy and thin - DISAPPOINTED

I really wanted to love these sheets they had such incredible reviews and I love my other bedding from this company namely the featherbed the duvet and the pillows but these were a hard pass! They were scratchy they were rough they were thin my husband couldn’t even sleep one night on them he made me take them off keep looking sorry this one is a solid MISS!

Victoria F. - Verified Buyer
Itchy scratchy thin mess!

Title says it all. Hard pass!

Victoria F. - Verified Buyer
Worn and not worth price

Worn and not worth price after two months of use

McKenna R. - Verified Buyer
Ripped after 2 months

Not worth the price at all.

McKenna R. - Verified Buyer
Starts pilling around the 6 month mark

The cotton is quite soft at first but really starts pilling around the 6 month mark. Same with the pillowcases. The linen seems to last longer. I would recommend not investing in sateen from parachute it’s just low quality.

Blake C. - Verified Buyer
White plain Bottom sheet

The sheet pulled after a couple of months use

Joanna W. - Verified Buyer

Very thin material. It's not that soft and the individual threading started to come lose after a few nights. In the process of returning ours. I bought into all the 5 star reviews but after receiving the actual product, the raving reviews are incredibly questionable. I highly recommend looking at different brands.

Amy S. - Verified Buyer