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Sateen Top Sheet Reviews

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Feels thin

I was hoping for something more substantial but the sateen fabric feels very thin, almost gauzy.

Katherine M. - Verified Buyer
Doesn’t stay in place, bunches up and feels tacky

This cover is absolutely the worsts. I’ve had so many different duvet covers in my life and this one is practically not usable because of how terrible the ties are and how the duvet doesn’t stay in place to not allow the comforter to bunch up. It becomes like a knotted ball at night with the smallest movement. I’ve never experienced this before and the material feels cheap and tacky.

Lorrie M. - Verified Buyer
Slips everywhere, not as comfortable as brooklinen

I’ve had brooklinen sheets for 3+ years, and because I changed bed sizes I decided to give parachute a try. I’m pretty disappointed since their ties are terrible and the comforter never stays in place. The duvet is slippery but in a tacky way and doesn’t stay near the comforter either so the whole thing bunches up into an un-usable pile. The sheets are slippery in that cheap sheen kind of feel and gets super sticky with any kind of sweat. I would go back to Brooklinen for sure.

Lorrie M. - Verified Buyer

Bought the satin set. Looked and felt silky smooth and shiny upon receiving and I was so impressed with it. After the first wash - it’s very average: no more shine, no more silky smooth. Returned.

Katya S. - Verified Buyer
Not soft

Not soft at all. Quality is equivalent to a department stores own brand

Keith J. - Verified Buyer
I’m not happy with my

I’m not happy with my set of santeen king. I would like to exchange it for the percale set. Doesn’t seam worth the cost. Hoping I’ll like the percale better

Terry G. - Verified Buyer
Too thin.

Too thin.

Andy M. - Verified Buyer

Seemed cheap and so thin. Sent back

Monica T. - Verified Buyer
Very disappointed

Feels like cheat quality. Not worth the hype or price.

Niderlande V. - Verified Buyer
Too Big

The duvet that I was replacing fit perfectly... this new one was made for a much larger duvet. Which is strange, because they are both marked for a King Duvet. As well as the Duvet itself: a King. I'm not using it and would love to return it, but since it's been laundered I assume I cannot. Sad....

Mandie J. - Verified Buyer