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Sateen Top Sheet Reviews

1424 Reviews

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Sateen sheets

Theyre thin, and feel like theyre old , almost threadbare immediately. Very disappointed for the cost.

Stephanie K. - Verified Buyer
Too big

Doesn’t fit my Queen mattress. Extra fabric and awful.

Kathryn S. - Verified Buyer
Not good

The pillow case came undone at the seam the second time I washed them. I was not impressed. They also appear to be much thinner than I remembered them.

Amara R. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful but didn’t last

I loved this sheet but unfortunately it became threadbare and developed a large tear after only a little over 1 year of use. I followed all of the care instructions. I hope they are able to make these sheets more durable; it was great while it lasted.

Sara W. - Verified Buyer
Huge disappointment.

These sheets are absolutely sumptuous when you first put them on your bed. Three nights later they are pilling. I’m so surprised as they got so many high ratings. Not worth the money.

Stacey W. - Verified Buyer
Fabric is thin and cheap,

Fabric is thin and cheap, stitching is very marginal. This is a marketing scam 100%.

Chanel J. - Verified Buyer
Poor quality

I love everything Parachute sells, and have been slowly filling my house with Parachute products over the years, but we decided quickly to exchange this sheet for another. The sheet we received was poorly made, the sateen was very shiny- like Vegas-shiny, and the stitching was visibly uneven. It was so unlike my previous purchases, and dramatically different from the sateen fitted sheet we purchased in spring of 2020. I quickly exchanged at our local store for a Percale sheet and have been very happy with our decision. I'm chalking this up to a supplier error and the fix wasn't too inconvenient/just a walk down the street, but if this a first time Parachute purchase, I could see this tainting their experience with the brand.

Morgan D. - Verified Buyer
So thin you can see

So thin you can see right through to the print on the pillow

Keristen B. - Verified Buyer
Honestly confused if this was a mistake.

The sheet is pilling in less than one month and cannot hold its shape. It gets so loose after a few nights sleep that it begins to slip off the bed. Dissatisfied!

Julie B. - Verified Buyer
Very very expensive basic sheet

I was very disappointed when I received the fitted sheet, it felt rough to the touch and looked as good as an Ikea sheet. I can’t believe it was so expensive.

Chloe M. - Verified Buyer