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Sateen Pillowcase Set Reviews

725 Reviews

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Pillowcase unraveled after one wash

My mom has Kmart sheets from the 70s that have held up better than this (and they’re just as soft). Unacceptable at this price point. This is the second [massively expensive] set I’ve had the exact same problem with—one pillowcase falling apart. 😑 Disappointing and annoying.

Laura S. - Verified Buyer
No top sheet

Never heard of ordering a “set of sheets” and not receiving a top sheet included

Arlene G. - Verified Buyer
Sheet ripped in less than a month

There is a large rip in the bottom of the top sheet over the edge of the mattress, and it’s been less than a month. That is an absurd occurrence with the price of this bedding and I am expecting a replacement or refund.

Tyler O. - Verified Buyer
Incomplete Sheets

I found it odd to only get a fitted sheet and pillow cases in the sheet set I ordered. At the price point I paid, I expected a complete set. First time for everything. It's been returned. The search for the perfect sheets continues...

Larua C. - Verified Buyer
Princess and the Pea

I'm very picky about my bedding. I really like beech satin sheets and thought these would be similar. Did not like these at all, unfortunately I had to return. I did love the color.

Mariah K. - Verified Buyer
Loved the set...until I didn't

I had a pillowcase rip after less than two months of use =(

Curtis G. - Verified Buyer
Not worth the price point

The quality of the product is lacking at this price point.

David V. - Verified Buyer
Sateen sheet set

I was happy with the sateen sheet set at first but they did not even hold up for an entire year. Had to throw them away after 8 months due to multiple holes. Followed all care instructions carefully. Very disappointed in the quality.

Emma W.
No Longevity

We spent hundreds of dollars on a bedding set. We rotate them with a cheap $30 set we bought elsewhere to give them time to rest. We wash them according to the instructions and within a year they started to have noticeable issues. By the second year they tore huge holes in several spots. The cheap set we rotate them with have outlasted them! I expected more when I invested in quality. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect sheets to last 26 weeks of use before ripping.

Emily K.
Did not last even one year as guest bedroom sheets

When I sent a picture of a hole in the sheet after less than a handful of washes here was the response I got: We are unfortunately unable to replace these items, as the damage appears to be the result of regular wear and tear, and the order is more than one year old. Our products are Oeko-Tex certified, which means we do not use any harmful chemicals or substances. This makes them safer for you and healthier for the planet, but more delicate over time. Many factors can impact the lifespan of your sheets. Just like people, bedding needs time to rest, which is why we recommend rotating with another set every few weeks. Frequent washing can wear out your bedding prematurely – we suggest washing on a gentle cycle with cool water in order to preserve color and elasticity. When storing your items, make sure they’re placed in a well-ventilated area so they can properly breathe. Yes, I ordered the sheets almost 2 years ago, but waited to use them in the guest bedroom until we had guests who arrived in 2019 and left early 2020. They stayed less than one year. Here was my response: I wouldn’t dream of you replacing them after I used them for under one year even sparingly. We used them in rotation with 4 other sheet sets for a spare guest bedroom and stopped using them in the guest bedroom when our guests left in February (they stayed with us for less than one year). It means your sheet set did not last for even one year in rotation with 4 other sets. I use Honest baby laundry detergent in the cold gentle setting with a machine that is older, so it barely agitates during the wash cycle. I also use dryer balls and not dryer sheets. What I am hoping you can pass on to your superiors is a comment/suggestion from me to start a program for repair. Lots of companies who claim to care about the environment do that. That way you send us a pre-paid envelope/package for the set, we send it to you, you repair it and send it back to us. You could charge us a nominal cost for this. Or put it into the cost of the sheets. Whatever. The issue for me is that I have Wamasutta sheets that have lasted me for 10 years, when we only had 2 sheet sets in rotation as our main sheet set. When we were using the worst detergents. The worst washing and heating settings. Dryer sheets. Love your towels, not your sheet sets, but wishing you all well 💛 Enough said. Leave the sheets. Get the towels, they are awesome.