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Sateen Pillowcase Set Reviews

727 Reviews

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Slips everywhere, not as comfortable as brooklinen

I’ve had brooklinen sheets for 3+ years, and because I changed bed sizes I decided to give parachute a try. I’m pretty disappointed since their ties are terrible and the comforter never stays in place. The duvet is slippery but in a tacky way and doesn’t stay near the comforter either so the whole thing bunches up into an un-usable pile. The sheets are slippery in that cheap sheen kind of feel and gets super sticky with any kind of sweat. I would go back to Brooklinen for sure.

Lorrie M. - Verified Buyer

Bought the satin set. Looked and felt silky smooth and shiny upon receiving and I was so impressed with it. After the first wash - it’s very average: no more shine, no more silky smooth. Returned.

Katya S. - Verified Buyer

Very disappointed. Sateen? Not at all.

Ann H. - Verified Buyer

I would not pay $250 for these sheets. They're just ok. I purchase bedsheets like every quarter and I can say w/o fear of inaccuracy that I have bought far more soft, less wrinkle, sateen sheets with even more color options. Very disappointed.

Jessica S. - Verified Buyer
thought theyd be softer

thought theyd be softer

Laura M. - Verified Buyer
Itchy scratchy thin mess!

Title says it all. Hard pass!

Victoria F. - Verified Buyer
Worn and not worth price

Worn and not worth price after two months of use

McKenna R. - Verified Buyer
Ripped after 2 months

Not worth the price at all.

McKenna R. - Verified Buyer
White plain Bottom sheet

The sheet pulled after a couple of months use

Joanna W. - Verified Buyer

Very thin material. It's not that soft and the individual threading started to come lose after a few nights. In the process of returning ours. I bought into all the 5 star reviews but after receiving the actual product, the raving reviews are incredibly questionable. I highly recommend looking at different brands.

Amy S. - Verified Buyer