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Sateen Pillowcase Set Reviews

727 Reviews

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Too Big and Awkward, but Great Fabric and Construction

The standard pillow cases are too big for my pillows, so they feel really sloppy. I also don't like the back opening rather than the side, because what if you turn the pillow over while you're in bed trying to sleep? Awkward. The fabric is very very nice and they are really well-constructed, however, so I really debated whether or not to return them. Overall I was a bit disappointed, honestly. I really wanted to like this product and this company.

Brennan P. - Verified Buyer
They are lovely sheets but

They are lovely sheets but we haven’t had them longer than a couple of months and the bottom sheet is already pilling. I’m really surprise and not very happy about it. Sorry.

Susan M. - Verified Buyer
Super soft sheets that pilled :(

I was so excited when I received my sheets. They were light and incredibly soft, which was exactly what I was looking for. I did a TON of research before buy them. I got sucked down the google hole more than once reading endless reviews. I ultimately decided to go with these sheets because they had amazing reviews and one of the number one things the reviews focused on was their softness, which is the most important thing to me. I loved the sheets for a couple of months, but now that we've been sleeping on them for 3 months they pilled horribly directly under where we sleep. So now my super soft sheets are itchy and uncomfortable because I'm lying on tiny little pills. So sad because they weren't cheap and now after just 3 months I have to invest in other sheets.

Mixed Emotions

For the 3.5 months I had these sheets I loved them so much. Up until they ripped. In 6 different spots. Anything but durable.

Gabrielle E.
Too Big

Poor fit - regular size king w/ a mattress pad and these sheets aren't nice and taught :/

Jaclyn N.
Pilling after one month of occasional use

I’m alternating this fitted sheet with the brushed cotton for the past month and this sheet is not wearing well. It’s pilling pretty badly. I am washing perfectly according to instructions—on cold, with like colors and fabrics (only sheets and pillow cases), tumble dry low, removing promptly, etc. I would expect this sheet to be much more durable and of great quality for the price. At this rate I’ll be throwing it away in 6 months. Such a disappointment, as I love the feel of the fabric.

Lauren S.
Great but NOT

My husband and I purchased the sateen fitted sheets almost 2 years ago and we were thrilled on how soft and amazing it was. However, as time sets in, they are not meant to last at all. The material thins away over time and we now have 2 HUGE rips. Honestly, did not expect to pay almost $100 for a fitted sheet and for it to not last 2 years. Pretty disappointed in the longevity, especially since they tout its material as supreme. Bummer dude

Too thin

I found these sheets to be very thin and limp. They also wrinkle easily. They are soft though.

D. M.
Honestly confused if this was a mistake.

The sheet is pilling in less than one month and cannot hold its shape. It gets so loose after a few nights sleep that it begins to slip off the bed. Dissatisfied!

Julie B. - Verified Buyer
Very very expensive basic sheet

I was very disappointed when I received the fitted sheet, it felt rough to the touch and looked as good as an Ikea sheet. I can’t believe it was so expensive.

Chloe M. - Verified Buyer