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Sateen Pillowcase Set Reviews

727 Reviews

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559 (77%)
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Pillow case ripped before landing on a pillow!

Was so excited to get my new sheets on my bed. Color was perfect and they felt perfect. Unfortunately, after unpacking and throwing sheets in a normal wash, one of the pillowcases came out the dryer ripped. Disappointed about that after close to $500 on new sheets :(

Molly O. - Verified Buyer

Horrible material, generates static electricity!

Egor M. - Verified Buyer
Not what I expected

It's too big overall so no matter how taut I pull it's always wrinkly. Also it's not very soft.

Juliette D. - Verified Buyer
Stains easily

Got a darker set, but it still got stained from my face wash.

Jennie J. - Verified Buyer
Sateen sheet set

I expected it to be much softer. I am not impressed.

Ashley F. - Verified Buyer
Lovely feel too loose a

Lovely feel too loose a fit for me l prefer a snug fitting sheet

Sharon F. - Verified Buyer
Not worth the price

Not worth the price

Candace M. - Verified Buyer
The color and fit is

The color and fit is perfect...however even after a couple of washes they are not soft enough for me.

Carolyn H. - Verified Buyer

$50 for two pillowcases just seems a little silly to me.

Jason B. - Verified Buyer
Great service, but didn't love the sateen sheets

A little shiny for my preferences. I prefer the Hudson Park 600tc sheets. But customer service was fast and easy to return. Would try other sheets from this company.

Ada K. - Verified Buyer