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Sateen Pillowcase Set Reviews

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Nice but thin

I am a total sybarite when it comes to bedding and want mine to be luxe but affordable. I was very excited to order the parachute white bottom sheet and wanted to love it. Unfortunately it doesn’t make the cut. The fabric is much too thin to feel luxurious.

Gravity G. - Verified Buyer
A little itchy, but nice for non-sensitive skin

My skin is slightly sensitive and I find certain fabrics itchy. I was expecting this to be smoother/softer but it was irritating while I tried to fall asleep.

Alison K. - Verified Buyer
Super soft, completely unstructured

I was on the search for the best bedding I could find and took a chance on this set. I LOVE the bottom sheet and the pillow cases, was very happy with my down insert, but have been super-frustrated with the way the duvet and cover turn into a lump of covers in the morning. They don’t stay aligned and slip around, so I’m constantly adjusting and trying to shake it back into a rectangle for a clean look to my bed. My recommendation: if you’re okay with rumpled covers, this is a great option!

Jennifer M. - Verified Buyer
Not as soft as i

Not as soft as i would have liked

Ryan L. - Verified Buyer
A little scratchy

It is not as soft as I had hoped for

Adriana S. - Verified Buyer
A little disappointed...

This was my 5th set of Sateen sheets and for whatever reason, these were simply not as soft as they have been in the past. I thought that this issue would improve after several washing's but that has not proved to be the case.

Richard W. - Verified Buyer

We are pretty disappointed with sateen products. When they arrived, they appeared to have some what of a sateen finish but were not very soft at all. After washing them a handful of times, they did soften. However, they completely lost their, "sateen" finish and look like regular old sheets now. In addition, the sheets easily absorb skin oils and they do not come out. As an Inn owner, this is not a durable enough product or is it as advertised. The price is definitely not justified.

John M. - Verified Buyer
Fabric is nice but the elastic is poor quality

The fabric is very nice! But only after couple of times putting the fitted sheet on my bed, the elastic already gave in. For the price I expect better quality.

Ginka K. - Verified Buyer
Pillow ripped

I like the color, texture, and sheen of these pillowcases, but the durability was disappointing. They ripped after 2 months of light use and washing. Having never ripped a pillow case before, and conducted no out of the ordinary bedtime activity, I am surprised at the quality.

Sophie T. - Verified Buyer
sateen Venice set

Overall quality appears to be solid. I love the baby blue color. I was expecting to feel like I was sleeping on a cloud because they are so soft but it was just ok. Left me longing for more. I think it is a little over priced given that a flat sheet isn't included in the set.

Kelly P. - Verified Buyer