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Sateen Pillowcase Set Reviews

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Queen Sateen Fitted Sheet

So let me say that I had very high hopes about these sheets. From all the great reviews I read about them, I was almost certain they had to be worth the money. Once I received the sheets they were very soft and luxurious. But after the first wash, I noticed a big difference in the texture of the cotton. I would say that after the first wash they lost their softness. I guess I expected much more for the price that I paid for these. I bought a set of Sateen Egyptian Cotton over 10 years ago from a different company, and they are still on par with Parachutes Sheets. The difference is I only paid a fraction of what I paid for Parachutes Sheet. The quality of Parachute Sheets are very nice, and seem like good quality, but I wouldn't recommend these sheets mostly because of the price.

Rhett J. - Verified Buyer
Costco does sheets better

The sheets ARE soft. We are keeping these sheets because my husband really likes how light and breathable they are. While I agree, to me they are thin and seem cheap. Definitely not the luxurious feel I was expecting from the price. Got better sheets from Costco for less than a quarter of the price of these.

Kori L. - Verified Buyer
Sateen Sand Color

I love Parachute Sateen sheets more than anything. They are so soft and they just keep getting better with each wash. However, I wanted to add a new color to my collection and that’s where I am disappointed. I have the gray percale and the gray sateen. I ordered sand and can barely tell a difference. I even thought I received the wrong color but the paperwork says sand. I am not about to pay to return them so I am just a bit frustrated. I wish they’d add more colors and or make exchanges free of charge.

Kevin M. - Verified Buyer
Not what I expected

They're scratchier than cotton which maybe is the point? Idk I don't know if I like Sateen

Kevin H. - Verified Buyer

Sheets do not breathe! Hot hot hot.

Tana J. - Verified Buyer
Thinner than I thought .

The fabric has a nice sheen to it but thinner than what I expected. Not going to purchase again.

Eileen S. - Verified Buyer

It’s ok not as great as the reviews

Robert S. - Verified Buyer
not as good as my tan ones.

I had purchased the tan to go with the duvet and sheets I purchase because I love them. I bought another set in white and waited for the side open white cases to comeback in stock. Unfortunately they changed something. These are thin and not a soft. Not sure why...

Holly M. - Verified Buyer
Need to return

Love the sheet, but the corner seam came unstitched

Adam W. - Verified Buyer
Sateen fitted sheet

I love the feel of this sheet but I am disappointed that one corner of the sheet already has a thread unraveling causing a hole in the sheet.

Sandra K. - Verified Buyer