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Sateen Duvet Cover Reviews

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Very disappointed in quality

I operate a successful and busy vacation rental business and have looked far and wide for quality duvet covers that I can incorporate into my rotation. We turn over the properties quickly and frequently, so I’ve been hoping to find linens that don’t need to be ironed and can stand the test of time. I read so many excellent reviews of these products by Parachute that I really thought I had finally found a solution. I agree that these items are soft, but I don’t see how they are sateen and frankly they are very thin — this is the level of quality that I would expect for generic products that you can get for $30 on Amazon. The material is much thinner than the sheets that we use, and the edges to the duvet crinkle up in a way that even ironing won’t resolve. And by the way, ironing is necessary as they do not come out of the wash smooth or ready to present to guests. Sorry to be the rain on such a seemingly successful parade. I very, very rarely write reviews but this was one instance where I was genuinely surprised at the disjunct between price and quality.


I have purchased several duvet covers and pillow cases. Initially I was very happy with the light blue color and softness. However, after several washings the fabric faded in areas as if bleach was used. Since I employ a housekeeper who does the bedding laundry I assumed she added something to the wash and I purchased another set. I took over the washing and it happened again. I use tide in cold water. They are very soft linens and color is beautiful when new. I also have a small issue with the pillow cases, which may not affect other consumers, I would prefer if they had sold two styles of pillow cases. The ones they do offer and the typical pillow case with the opening at one end so you can turn your pillow and not worry about a crease in your face.

Patricia D.

I purchased dark blue one and it presented so pretty with functional design. However, it caught all the lints once I washed/dried and can't use it for guests or even myself without using whole roller to remove. I am very careful about my choice of fabrics and materials I have never expected to have this result in this sateen duvet cover. I do not really understand all the positive feedback.

Not worth your money

Wish I loved this brand but facts don’t lie and after having this cover for less than a year, both strings to tie the duvet insert have come off and 3 buttons have come off. Again, just like my divert insert, I have followed the care instructions to the T, and have had buttons and string sown back in which cost me more money when having the sheet also washed at the cleaners. Material is cheap and I will say it again, robbed me of my money!