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Cloud Cotton Robe Reviews

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Listen, I get it. You were scrolling through the 'gram and they popped up. The advertising campaign was well lit. The color was trendy. You thought to yourself, "Self, this is who I am going to be. This robe is really going to put my life together." Friend, no. I have several complaints, the chief and most important among them being the absolute uselessness of this concept of a sizing chart. The /suggestion/ of how these robes are sized is beyond the penumbra of a shadow of a doubt Vanity Sizing. I am 5'4" like the model in the photo and thought to myself, "Well, if the man in the medium is 5'9", then the medium robe should be very roomy indeed!" FRIEND, NO. The received robe was laughably small. I could not wrap it entirely around myself, and what's more, it gaped at the bottom. The tabs that keep the belt in place are situated as such that if you have a low waist, they're perfect. Let it be clear that unisex these garments are not. And allow me to further extol upon the supremely disappointing thinness of the fabric. I have a scarf made of this same cotton muslin, which is thick and luxurious and warm. This robe is the diametric opposition of those adjectives. If this robe were asked to describe itself in a 100 word paragraph, it would be flunked for illiteracy. Let this be your reminder to open your packages with care: they will be all the easier to tape shut so as to better facilitate their return. And to that end, the task of returns was the most delightful aspect of this exercise in mediocracy and disappointment, insomuch that it is a simple process and is unfettered with nonsense. I'm sure the brand has valuable products but this is not one of them. "It was so bad, I want to give you a zero. But that's not possible, so I give you a one." Tyra Banks (America's Next Top Model, Cycle 21, Ep 5, 2014)

Falls apart in the wash

I’ve washed this robe 3 times since purchasing and it’s now completely falling apart. Followed the washing instructions to a T. Wish this was better quality for the price.

Already has a hole in it

Love this robe, but I washed it once and found a small hole in the fabric. Contacted Parachute via email and social media and haven't heard back. A shame given the price of this robe.

Shrinks so so much!

I heard great things about this brand. I bought this robe with high expectations, but boy do I regret it. The sleeves are about 5 inches above my wrists and the length barely covers my behind now. I followed the care instructions and sometimes hung it to dry and it still shrunk. For the price point I was hoping for better quality.

Too Small!

Don't bother. I am 5'4" and weigh 140 pounds. This was so small it barely closed. I usually wear a small (or medium if I want room). I went with the medium and it was way too small for a robe which should be sized generously. The size chart it says it will fit someone who weighs 195 pounds which is just ridiculous. Going back today.

Barbara M.
Utterly disappointing

Bought this for my wife's Christmas gift after reading all the great articles online. They must all have been paid shills because this robe isn't even worth $10, let alone $100. Sure, when it arrives it looks nice, but it started to disintegrate after a few days of normal home use. Threads coming apart, fabric fraying everywhere - not just on the edges, but anywhere and everywhere all over the robe. I'm finding bits of fabric lying around all over my floor as the robe seems to be shedding itself into pieces. I wish I was making this up. I wouldn't expect this kind of low quality even from a dollar store robe. Customer service was helpful in that they sent me a replacement, but there simply is no excuse for this kind of junk after shelling out a hundred dollars for a bathrobe. So disappointed.

Jonathan Y.
Terribly sized

I wanted to love this and finally got it around Christmas, but for $100 I’m shockeddd at how poorly sized it is. I am well within the size range of what they say would be a Small (typically wear XS across the board), but the robe barely has any extra material, you can’t sit comfortably, and it opens in the front with every step. If I had known, I would have either saved my $100 or gotten a medium or even a large for comfort

Carlie S.
So disappointing

There were threads hanging all over, it's weirdly small on bottom, it isn't very soft and it shrank in the dryer when dried as per the label. Very disappointing, especially as I'd requested it for a birthday gift and was expecting much better quality. Not worth the money.

Do not recommend

Received as a gift. Bad fit. Does not close around hips. Threads everywhere. Fell apart after 2 washes.

Soft, but fit is awful

The robe is certainly soft and fluffy, but the fit is completely off. The arms/upper body are HUGE, and the bottom half is tiny. This prevents the robe from properly tying around the waist (a problem I've never had with a robe). Such a disappointment.