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Linen Loft Quilt Reviews

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We couldn't love this quilt more! I ordered this and the Cotton Cloud (way too delicate!) this past Black Friday to compare, and the Linen Loft was the clear winner. It's soft, warm, and really great looking, but it seems like it will also hold up for a very long time. We bought it to replace two worn out blankets we've had for years and the quilt is warmer than the two blankets combined, yet somehow super light and breathable. The grey color looks so pretty with our blush duvet set.

Niki J.
Love the look and feel but too big

I love the way my linen quilt looks and feels, but it is way too big for my double bed

Hallie R. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful quilt. Quality modern

I looked for a long time to find the right thing. This quilt really does the trick.It has an heirloom feel and looks super modern. A great way to update a family bedroom.

Melanie P. - Verified Buyer
Lovely but falling apart

I absolutely love this quilt. It breathes so well and feels like quality, especially for summer. Unfortunately I’ve only used it about 2 weeks and some of the threads on the cross stitching are coming out already. I do not handle it rough or anything either. It comes out so easy too. It was my dream quilt but that was disappointing.

Taylor S. - Verified Buyer
Fabric not as anticipated

Love this quilt but thought the fabric would be softer.

Nancy K. - Verified Buyer
Pretty but not perfect

Wish it was a bit softer

Brianna T. - Verified Buyer
Soft, good temperature control.

It’s the things said about, I just wish for the price I paid there weren’t so many loose threads when I got it, and it seemed very fragile. I’ve had to patch two places already (though the spots were really tiny, I don’t know if it was from packing?). Either way it’s still the most beautiful blanket I’ve ever had and it doesn’t heat transfer my husband to me, which is a miracle so I am not returning it.

Diana H. - Verified Buyer
Looks nice but not soft

This quilt looks lovely and just like in the pictures. However, it is not soft. My son complains that it is scratchy. Maybe washing it will help?


I am really hesitating on this quilt because of the cotton blend. I wish it was all linen. I would buy it in a heartbeat. I have had linen/cotton blend sheets fron Restoration Hardware in the past and returned them. They do not breath like all linen. They do not feel like all linen. It is beautiful. But a bummer that it's a blend.

The blanket had a bad

The blanket had a bad smell to it

Danielle O. - Verified Buyer