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Linen Loft Quilt Reviews

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No regrets

Completes my bed - brings the whole Parachute together!

Josie P. - Verified Buyer
Very cosy but not too hot

Have been trying to find an alternative to my summer goosedown duvet as it's just too humid and no matter how light the duvet I wake up sweating, even with aircon blasting. I love snuggling under a light soft covering but the older I get, the hotter I am. This so far is a great alternative to the goosedown. The Sydney summer is just about to start and the linen cover is working well. It's soft and light and not hot. Really like it so far

Renata N. - Verified Buyer
The best.

This is the nicest bed item I have ever owned! The perfect weight for chilly So Cal nights but not too heavy. Looks so elegant and luxe. I wasn’t sure about spending this much but then we spend a third of our lives in bed , right? No regrets!

Eileen H. - Verified Buyer
Linen loft quilt

Light weight and warm, generous size. Well made. I’ve looked for three years to find a quilt I like.

Donna S. - Verified Buyer
The quilt is absolutely lovely.

The quilt is absolutely lovely. Perfect weight as I sleep hot and the material is very soft.

Diana L. - Verified Buyer
Best thing I own!

This linen quilt is literally my favorite thing I own right now! I was so surprised with how soft and light it is! It keeps us plenty warm without feeling hot at night. It’s so airy and I love that it covers the entire bed so well, running down the sides of my king size bed! So glad I chose this quilt!

Aimee K. - Verified Buyer

I love this quilt! The linen gives you a great balance with temperature control throughout the night. Love this piece and would definitely recommend

Ramona B. - Verified Buyer
Love it

Soft, great color (muted rose), fluffy, and stitching adds great texture and depth.

Dana N. - Verified Buyer
At Long Last, Perfection!

In search of the perfect quilt, I have purchased many that have not worked out for various reasons. I have purchased King size quilts for my Queen size bed in order to get them to cover properly. Still, they would be too short from head to foot. Some that were made with polyester fibers acted like a magnet for dog fur. I have 3 German Shepherd Dogs that shed like crazy and like to sleep on my bed. Expensive quilts have failed as much as inexpensive ones. At long last, I have finally found the perfect quilt! First of all, the Full/Queen size is generously sized 96 x 96 which is the largest I have ever found. It covers perfectly, especially from head to foot. Secondly the fabric is soft and snuggly providing just the right thickness for my summer bed, and it releases dog fur with a simple swipe of a lint brush each morning. The color is perfect as well. Rose Clay does not show the fur like other colors do. I am in heaven with this quilt and shams. Thank you Parachute for such perfection!

Beverly D.
love love love love!

I realized I am not a fan of duvet covers, but I really wanted a linen comforter for my bed. I came across this blanket and I decided to give it a chance. I absolutely love it! It is worth the money. It is so big, it covers the bed well even when you are under it. It is so easy to get comfy under this blanket. It has the perfect weight. Somehow I'm not cold nor hot under the blanket. I haven't had a winter with it yet, but I won't be surprised that this blanket will be able to handle it. Not to mention, it arrived really quickly. I do feel like the money is worth it because it is something I use every day/night. It's one of my favorite purchases of the year.