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Cloud Cotton Quilt Reviews

1127 Reviews

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So soft!!

I love this quilt! Although, my husband says it’s too hot. Maybe I trade him in? Or buy the linen version next!? I’m keeping it bc it’s so wonderful and maybe it’ll be okay in the winter…

Candice W. - Verified Buyer
This spread is beautiful. Well

This spread is beautiful. Well made, soft green color. Just beware that is is more for cooler temperatures. Way too warm for summer.

Judy M. - Verified Buyer
softest coverlet ever

my dogs like sleeping on the bed now, more than ever.....

Russell R. - Verified Buyer
Perfect for summer

While still feeling cozy and comfy, this is perfect weight for summer! We love it!

Emily D. - Verified Buyer

I purchased this bed spread with the intention to have it for a VERY long time and I am in love with it. It is cozy and inviting. The color is dreamy and interesting and neutral so it’s perfect long term. It was worth the high end price for the high end product. I (and my husband) absolutely love it.

Elizabeth H. - Verified Buyer
It is so soft

This quilt makes me want to stay in bed all day just to be nestled in its soft embrace. Wonderfully soft without being heavy. The colors are perfect too.

Anne J. - Verified Buyer
Best comforter EVER! Makes mornings

Best comforter EVER! Makes mornings so hard to get out of bed!

Josh J. - Verified Buyer
Perfect quilt

I have been waiting literally years to invest in a nice quilt, and this one checks all the boxes. Just the right weight. Nice breathable material while still being cozy. The color is so classy too. And - it doesn’t move around on your bed and rather stays put. 100% recommend!!!!

Hannah R. - Verified Buyer

I returned the cloud cotton duvet for the quilt and love it so much more.

Ross G. - Verified Buyer

Amazing. Perfect amount of fluffy, light and weighted at the same time, soft, and simply gorgeous. The ONLY downfall is that the material seems to snag easily, which is something to consider if you have pets that sleep in your bed. Wasn’t a deal breaker for me though, we just try to keep the cats off the bed now because the quilt stays!

Chandler J. - Verified Buyer