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Cloud Cotton Quilt Reviews

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I purchased this item 2 months ago, washed once. It already has multiple pulls. Looks so worn after only a short time. Told I had to exchange.

Heavy and smelly

Like some others, I don't understand the rave reviews for this item. It weighs a TON and came out of the package smelling like chemicals. It it currently airing out but I think it's going right back to the store. Does not feel like a cloud at all but, can't really try it because it smells so bad I don't want to put it on my bed. I would wash it first but if it doesn't actually feel like a cloud it's going to be returned. Catch-22.

Cotton cloud paper bag

I honestly have no idea how this quilt got so many great reviews. It feels like a brown paper bag. It’s scratchy and not cozy at all. The only thing going for it is the oversize. Returned it the same day I received it.

Disappointing Quality

Comfy, and looks perfect, until you actually use it. After I started using it the first time I could tell that it was going to fall apart quickly. I wish I had seen these reviews before I purchased this quilt. Even the slightest touch or interactions produce very ugly snags. After a couple of months of use the quilt will look like you have had it for 10+ years and it is time to get rid of it. The way the quilt looks isn't the only thing to degrade really quickly with time. The 'cloud' part of the quilt fades really quickly as well. I have never had a blanket or quilt fall apart as quickly as this one did. The 'Parachute' quality is just not in this product. I have bought other 'Parachute' products before that still look great to this day ( years later ), but this product is not that one. Honestly, unless you plan on leaving this on a day bed that you never use I would look for different product.

David R.
Super Delicate; Material Snags at Slight Pull

Comfy, but the littlest interaction with this blanket produces unsightly snags. I was surprised I had to dig so far in the reviews to find this piece of information buried. Unfortunately, we bought this and the shams, which also seem to suffer from the same quality design. For this price point, I would have expected much better durability against the every day elements of life.

Kevin M.
Disappointing Quality

I really, really wanted to love this quilt, but the quality is terrible. We washed it before using and it shredded in the machine. Assuming it was a fluke, we contacted Parachute and they immediately and kindly replaced it without issue. Six months later it's obvious that it wasn't a fluke at all; this item is simply not made to last. After six months of normal use, it's so pulled and snarled that you'd think we owned it for a decade. At this price point, I expect the item to last for years. Extremely disappointed.

Jane B.
Poor quality

I really, really wanted to like this quilt. After the first wash, one of the corners was completely shredded. I contacted Parachute, and they kindly and quickly replaced it. I thought maybe the first one was a fluke, but after six months I realize that the quality of this quilt is just bad. It is already terribly worn, with pulls and snags all over it. For this price point I expected much higher quality and durability.

Jane B.