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Cloud Cotton Quilt Reviews

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So soft but not durable

I loved the look and feel of this quilt. I also love that it is slightly larger than most king size quilts. Unfortunately, the fabric on the quilt has started to unravel, creating holes, after less than a year. We don’t even have any pets. For almost $300, I expected to get more use out of it.

Loved at first, but sadly did not last.

I absolutely adored this quilt when I saw it in stores last November. I loved it so much that I actually bought it as a special Christmas gift to myself. The quilt looked and felt luxurious! Unfortunately, after six months, this quilt has started to look warn. There are threads pulling and the fabric is stretched out and thinning in spots. To by fair, I believe this quilt is too big for my normal size washer (ordered the queen). Because of this, I have only washed the quilt three times on delicate. Really sad because I bought a coverlet to go with this quilt and the coverlet still looks brand new and has been washed a dozen times. Absolutely love the coverlet, but the quilt did not last. For the price, I wish I got more than six months out of it.

Hannah R.
Beautiful but...

Gorgeously soft and I really wanted to love this, but the quilt is just so delicate – snags so easily and when I washed it, the fibers in the quilt started clumping together.

Kathryn W.
Not great

Washed this on low tumble dry like it suggested and it’s already started pulling- going to exchange it for the standard quilt they have at parachute because I don’t think this one will last. After the first time we washed it, it already looks worn and like it’s falling apart a bit.

soft and cozy, but don't buy if you have cats (or use your bed?)

this quilt is really cute, and soft, but so so so delicate. Just by standing on it my cat has pulled up snags in this quilt ALL over the place - and I don't usually let him in the room, so it is not like he is always romping around on the quilt. I work with my hands and subsequently have dry hands (but nothing crazy) and my DRY HANDS have pulled snags out of this quilt. For the price I'd expect way more, and I'm bummed because I had thought i was buying something that was built to last, which this definitely isn't. If you can guarantee that nothing rough will ever come into contact with your quilt, go for it, but if you're living like the rest of us, i'd go for something else.

HUGE and thin

I love the feel of this quilt but unfortunately returned after one night. First of all, the full / queen size was HUGE on my bed. I love an oversize look, but not when the blanket touches the floor on both sides of the bed. The quilt is clearly marketed as a comforter / the main bedding, but I was freezing while using this. I had to use an extra blanket just to keep from shivering. This may be great under another comforter, but for the price I paid I would expect it to be warmer. I would not recommend using this as the only comforter on your bed.

Lauren A.

Bought this for my dad's birthday last month, and after only 4 weeks of light use there's a lot of loose and unraveling fibers. It's pretty comfy but for this price I would expect a much better build quality.

William D. - Verified Buyer
Flimsy material

This comforter does not hold its shape and looks poorly on bed. Very disappointing.

Ellen W. - Verified Buyer
Cloud Cotton Quilt and Shams

Although my items were beautifully packaged, the reviews that I read do not reflect the items received. The quilt and the shams pilled after the first wash, and each item has many snags that I must carefully snip off every week. Also, these items run way too hot and unfortunately not as soft as expected. I never write reviews but felt compelled to do so.

Danielle N. - Verified Buyer
Threading is coming off

Threading is coming off

Chandni C. - Verified Buyer