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Cloud Cotton Quilt Reviews

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nice product, horrid service!!!!

We love our cloud quilt but cant say enough about the poor quality of service (or lack of)! No phone operators and always canned responses! Really a shame that we can’t talk to anyone in person after ten attempts!!!We are still awaiting a late or lost order and hope to talk to someone eventually!!!!! Good products but I am not sure all the hassles are worth it!!!

dana s.
Do not follow wash instructions on the product -- did I get a defective one?

This quilt is very soft and good looking. However, when it arrived I was a little concerned because there were very small spots where thread was unraveling and tiny holes were starting to form. Maybe Parachute should start shipping them wrapped (mine was just in a box with a bow tied around the bundle/no protective covering). I followed the wash/dry instructions on the label (machine wash gentle, cold, tumble dry low) but the holes got much bigger and the loose threads ended up twisting into ugly bundles. I contacted Parachute customer service last week but have not heard back. I would recommend hand washing/air drying your quilt. Maybe mine was defective, but the threads are snag prone, as previous reviews have mentioned.

Chris C.
Really wanted to like it, but...

We have a cloud cotton duvet cover we love so wanted to get a quilt for summer. We got the smoke and two problems with it are causing us to return it: it had a few runs, but the blush was also very pink unfortunately. Wanted to like it, but returning this one.

Ellen H.
If you have cats do not buy!!!

I was disappointed with the quality, thought it was going to be more solid like ya know a quilt but you can easily feel the layers and since there’s so much space between the layers, cat claws pull up every little thread just by walking on it. There’s now dozens of loose threads and I’ve barely had it for a few weeks. For the price I was really hoping to have something that would last.

After 7 months of use..

My husband bought this for a Mothers Day gift. When it arrived, there was a very large snag in the quilt. Customer service immediately replaced the quilt for a new one. I should have just returned it. 1. This is not a quilt, it is a comforter. 2. After almost daily use accept to wash once per month following instructions the blanket has PILLED horribly! I have never had a blanket pill ever. 3. This is a similar material to the swaddle blankets I used on all 3 of my children and I know it can snag, but this blanket snags on EVERYTHING. After 7 months of use I am SO incredibly disappointed in this blanket. This was an investment and it just looks awful. It is a very comfortable comforter (although I can get hot) and the color and fabric when new was stunning. But actually using this blanket it has just deteriorated to quickly.

Snags a lot

Love it except I’m not sure how all the reviews I’ve read neglected to mention how easily this thing snags. Have only had it for a week and already it’s looking a lot more worn than I would like. The cotton snags on almost anything I put on it, even when I’m making the bed- my wedding ring caught and pulled up some threads. I wouldn’t have bought this had I known how delicate it was.

Fabric Snags

I love the look and feel of this blanket. I got this to replace our duvet to make life easier as we are expecting in 2021 and having to wash just one blanket and not mess with stuffing a comforter into a duvet seemed like an easy way to simplify. However, after the first wash of this quit there are multiple pulls and snags in the fabric that make me question how long this expensive piece of bedding will last. I’m disappointed in that aspect and on the fence about keeping it.

Destroyed in the wash

I bought this quilt as a gift to myself for my birthday, I had been wanting one for a year now. I was absolutely in love with it!! Until now, sad to say on its first washing it was been destroyed. I followed all instructions as I was terrified to wash it, I guess I should of been. The light gray side now has a large pink spot where the fabric turned color. I am devastated. I would not recommend washing this quilt.

Poor Quality - caution with the edge piping!

Edge piping unraveled after a few washes. Every time I use fabric glue to mend a spot that is falling off another area starts to unravel. For something so expensive I would expect to last longer than 1.5 years. Other than falling apart, it is a comfy quilt.

James W.
Not Pet Friendly

Let me start by saying that this is one of the most comfortable quilt/blanket I have ever owned, and I wish that was enough for a good review. The quilt/blanket looked absolutely terrible after just a few months. I have a cat and even keeping the claws trimmed is enough to pull tiny strings out almost every time they step on the quilt. The quilt just looks messy, and frayed now no matter what I do. It is just covered in little strings pulled. For me it is not durable at all, and while I don’t mind paying high prices for quality I expect it to last longer than a year.

David R.