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Purifying Hand Soap Reviews

16 Reviews

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Smells good

This soap is creamy and smells good. My husband’s very picky and likes it too. Tricky to open though. Hold collar and turn (didn’t notice to which side I turned).

Laura W. - Verified Buyer
OSEA Parachute Purifying Hand Soap

I love the smell and the look of the bottle, nice clean, crisp white very neutral and minimalist. However, the soap doesn't lather well so I will most likely not buy again.

Sarah S. - Verified Buyer
Beautiful packaging but don't love the actual product

I think the packaging is beautiful and love the idea of this however the soap does not really bubble very well. You have to use a substantial amount to really feel like you washed your hands well.

Cori H. - Verified Buyer
Soap is good, towel snagging

The soap was a gift and I have received great feedback for that. However, the towels I ordered with the soap are beginning to snag after only one washing. We have only used a couple so far so we are not sure if it's just those or all yet.

Tyler V. - Verified Buyer
Ok but not scented enough

Ok but not scented enough

Genevieve S. - Verified Buyer
No smell disappointed

I expected this to smell really nice but it has no smell.

Abbey Y.