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Washed Sateen Pillowcase Set Reviews

41 Reviews

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Great pillow cases

Love these!

Arielle B. - Verified Buyer
Great Choice

Of course I love the look of the contrasting trim and the washed heathered look of the cotton. The cases give my pillows plenty of room and give my head a smooth cool surface.

Christine H. - Verified Buyer
So in love

I am VERY picky when it comes to bedding and to be able to find Affordability and comfort all in one beautifully wrapped package, there isn’t much more you can ask for.

Linda D. - Verified Buyer

Very comfortable, colors a bit too muted

Susan C. - Verified Buyer
Pretty nice.

The sheets are ok. For the price I expected better.

Trisha E. - Verified Buyer
they are a bit big

they are a bit big for my queen pillows. therefore look kind of sloppy.

Brian B. - Verified Buyer
It’s ok.

I was expecting a much softer sheet for a washed sateen- the fit is also ok, not great- it tends to have a lot of extra fabric on top. Color is quite lovely however.

Suzanne G. - Verified Buyer
Lilac rather than blush

I purchased the ‘blush’ however I think that in natural light they look more of a lilac colour than a blush. Also because of the way they’re packaged in-store I didn’t realise that the ends have a contrasting stripe (I assumed they were all one colour) which was a bit disappointing but I decided to keep them anyway as the fabric feels lovely and smooth which is always nice for warm summer nights.

Hannah C. - Verified Buyer
Sateen? Not as I know it.

I was really looking forward to my first purchase from Parachute but these pillowcases were a disapointing start. Maybe the fact they were “clearance” and unreturnable should have tipped me off. Also the “Washed” caption is ambiguous. Whatever the case, they’re scratchy anf look worn after washing. A poor item for a premium bedding retailer. Fortunately, the towels I bought were excellent. Maybe I’ll use the Washed Sateen Pillowcases for camping!

Ray S. - Verified Buyer
Fine grit sand paper

Parachutes washed sateen pillowcases feel like ultra fine grit sand paper. They are a little softer than the fitted sheet. They are not worth the money. Had to return.

Tyler A. - Verified Buyer