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Percale Supreme Bedroom Bundle Reviews

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Comfortable, Soft, but Poor Quality Threading

I have had these sheets for about 6 months. They are soft, comfortable, and excellent if you live somewhere warm (Los Angeles). However, even after taking special care to launder these as specified with cold water, using no fabric softener, drying on low heat, the threading on the pillowcases has completely unraveled. One more wash and the threading will be completely gone. I have no problem paying more money for a product that is good quality and will last, so I am very disappointed that I did not even get a year out of these sheets. Not only is that bad value, but it is bad for the environment as well.

Loved at first...

I’ve loved my percale sheets from Parachute for over a year now. Unfortunately I washed them recently and they tore in the wash on the gentle cycle and with gentle detergent. I thought the quality would be longer lasting.

Great at first, but early ripped

Love these sheets but after just over a year of use, the fitted sheet ripped unprovoked. Parachute would not replace unfortunately and I am hesitant to replace given the short shelf-life.

Sand sheets turned lavender

I was so excited for these sheets. I loved the sand color and the lightness and coolness of them. They were great for my husband and I who are both hot sleepers. I purchased a sham set and a fitted sheet both in sand. The first fitted sheet turned lavender after only one wash. Customer service was super helpful and I got it exchanged for a new sheet, same sand color. The second sheet came in and again after washing once, it turned lavender! I have never used bleach in my washer and we only use sensitive skin detergent. Followed the recommended washing instructions, too. To make things worse, my shams have now began to discolor after a couple washes. So upset, as I splurged on these sheets. I have 2 white percale pillow cases from Parachute as well and love them. Just wish i could say the same for the sand sheets.

Samantha B.
Not what I imagined

Well, I really wanted to love my sheet set since Ive heard positive feedback about them. Unfortunately, I am not really happy with them. They are not soft and the color isn’t really what I imagined either. Too bad .

Christina R.
Ripped after only 3 months

These sheets are crisp and cool, and we love the look and feel of them. We are super disappointed, however, that after only 3 months of use, our fitted sheet is falling apart in the center. There is a 1/2-inch spot at which the threads are coming apart. The spot is not along any of the seams--it's in the middle of the sheet. We have washed and cared for these exactly as instructed (e.g., only gentle, plant-based detergents). We wash the sheets in loads that contain only the sheets (no other clothing items that could cause tears or rips). While the fraying spot is small, it's extremely disappointing given the price of these sheets. We've had less expensive sheets last us for years. Contacting customer service to see what they can do for us.

Pam T.
Not what I expected

Ordered an all white sateen duvet and percale sheet set. Spent over $400. Straight out of the box I saw loose threads and a few very small black/gray stains (!!!!), but I proceeded to give them a chance. I knew immediately I will likely return the percale because they felt thin and rough. The sateen was more smooth and I felt like I might be able to keep that one. After washing, percale was still rough, sateen is acceptable. Also, one of the duvet corners is missing the strings that are necessary to secure the duvet. Quality control seems to be lacking unfortunately. Absolutely not worth the money.

Good at first but will last you 2 years at most even with very infrequent washings.

They recommend washing only once every 7-10 days. If you were to wash them that frequently you'd be buying sheets in less than 6 months. I'm not home much and my sheets need washing at most once a month, most of the times less than that, and they are already crumbling. They are decent sheets at first, but save money and get higher quality sheets from ikea or target.

Jason L.
Pretty disappointed

I don’t know if is too much to expect, but these sheets just fell apart after 2 years of owning them. I was so happy with them before that. I washed according to the instructions exactly (cool water, nellies (natural mild) detergent, low dryer with dryer balls! I am again shopping for new sheets and wouldn’t purchase these again.

Scratchy & Scratchy

I was super excited to receive new sheets, as we just bought a new house. I purchased the gray percale sheets and put them on my guest bed. My sister stayed over and woke up the next morning stating they sheets were SO Scratchy. I washed them twice and they never got softer. I also purchased a queen size and they were also too big, even with a mattress topper. Bummed because I couldn't return.