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Percale Supreme Bedroom Bundle Reviews

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Not that different from other sheets

I was excited to get 'fancy' sheets and was expecting them to feel really different, but they felt about the same as the cotton ones I get at the local department store. Just cost a lot more. Not worth it for me.

Rachael L. - Verified Buyer
Hate the back entry for pillow

Why can't you make the pillowcase like everyone else with the end opening. This allows one to flip the pillow during the night for a cooler side.

Raymond S. - Verified Buyer
Had to return the "set"

Had to return the "set" because of NO top sheet in the set. I read the web disruption but was not informed on what the set included.

Jose G. - Verified Buyer
They are scratchy. I am

They are scratchy. I am afraid we are sending them back.

Enactivist - Verified Buyer
I returned them

Not as soft as I had hoped. Will try another choice.

Cathline M. - Verified Buyer
Pillow cases don't work

You can't flip your pillow because the "envelope" style used by Parachute has a closure seam in the middle of the second side. Poor design. And the Pillow cases are also too small. For the kind of money you're spending you could put a little more thought and fabric into your pillow cases. I do love the fabric itself; soft and crisp.

Ron C. - Verified Buyer
They are the roughest sheets

They are the roughest sheets I've ever had.i washed them twice and I still find them rough. Sorry but I'm not a fan.

Irene B. - Verified Buyer

Reviews for this product were outstanding, unfortunately I am extremely disappointed in the sheets.

James j. - Verified Buyer
Sorry at this point I

Sorry at this point I don’t love them. Maybe I have not washed them enough but sometimes sandpaper comes to mind. I thought since Parachute is direct to consumer they would be more luxe such as Society Linens. Not the case.

Leigh S. - Verified Buyer
These sheets were great until...

These sheets were really great until my bottom bed sheet ended up with stains on them after a few washes. I've washed them a few times after and the stains absolutely will not come out.

Adrien C. - Verified Buyer