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Percale Supreme Bedroom Bundle Reviews

1833 Reviews

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Overpriced and Not Nice

These sheets are overpriced for the quality - and a set does not include a top sheet...just a fitted sheet and two pillow cases. Not worth the money.

Kimberly J. - Verified Buyer
Queen queen sheets

Overpriced, nothing special, not smooth or better quality than far less expensive sheets

Marcie S. - Verified Buyer

We returned them , we were very disappointed with the weight of the fabric, it was thin and coarse and not what we were looking for. The customer service was good and no issues with returning the package.

Adrian T. - Verified Buyer
If you want scratchy, cheapish feeling sheets, these are for you

I don't like this product and would not recommend. I had high hopes and heard good things about Parachute. I needed new sheets, so I took the plunge. I was very disappointed and would not recommend.

Andrew H. - Verified Buyer
Was Expecting Way Better

I am one who does not mind paying a high price for amazing sheets because they are very high on my priority list. I was excited to try this brand after all the reviews and hype. My sheets arrived. I washed them twice and put them on our bed. To my dismay, they honestly felt like muslin or horrible sheets that some people sleep on because they don’t know there is such a vast difference in sheets and comfort. My husband and I had to get up in the middle of the night and change the sheets! Honestly. There was no way I could sleep on them. My husband yes, because his skin isn’t as sensitive as mine. I usually only purchase Sferra or Peacock Alley 100% cotton/percale with at least a 600+ thread count. I like my sheets to feel cool to the touch, smooth and soft. These were a pretty color, but besides that they failed to meet my expectations. I am pleased with Parachute’s Customer Service and free shipping both ways.

Laura B. - Verified Buyer
Lint/pet hair magnet

Attracts lint and pet hair like no other sheets I own do. Big disappointment

Megan L. - Verified Buyer
Feels like sandpaper

I am very surprised that so many people love these sheets as I find them to be very rough and uncomfortable. I bought a sateen fitted sheet too and it is not much softer, but it is definitely more comfortable than the Percale.

Mike V. - Verified Buyer
wanted to love them but...

they were just too rough, thick and hot. so sad, i really loved the color.

Veronica V. - Verified Buyer
Scratchy fabric

I've washed this as directed 5 times now and the fabric is not smooth, soft or pleasant to lay on. it's rough and scratchy. I love the bath towels I bought from Parachute. But I do NOT recommend the sheets - not even if they were giving them away free.

Ginni E. - Verified Buyer
Not worth the money

Not worth the money

johnny .. - Verified Buyer