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Percale Supreme Bedroom Bundle Reviews

1944 Reviews

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Didn’t love the pillow cases

They feel is a little tougher than I would like and the pillow feels more compact inside the case, which doesn’t allow it to expect as much- making it less comfortable .

Alejandra R. - Verified Buyer
they are too wrinkled

they are too wrinkled

Michelle C. - Verified Buyer
they are too wrinkled

they are too wrinkled

Michelle C. - Verified Buyer
Little balls of extra fabric

I was told is wasn’t a big deal but it seems to me that it’s going to create a hole. Feeling a but disappointed, especially since it’s a difficult process to return during these hard times.

William C. - Verified Buyer
Not worth it

I had high hopes for these sheets but ended up disappointed. The Sand color looked different than online - a generic light grey rather than cream. In addition the fabric felt so similar to my Target percale sheets. Maybe the sateen are different but I do not think this purchase was worth it.

M S. - Verified Buyer
I wanted to love but...

I got white spots all over one pillow case after 1 wash! No bleach or harsh detergent. No further white spots after the wash many weeks ago. They are very comfy but makes me question quality!

Akhil K. - Verified Buyer
Percale pillow cases

I find them good quality but rough on my skin. I wish I had bought the sateen

Gail G. - Verified Buyer
Decent Construction

The construction and stitching is decent; while the material is soft. HOWEVER, it is waaay too thin with very low thread count and frills far too easily to justify cost. I don’t recommend this brand.

Pech C. - Verified Buyer
Not impressed with these sheets.

Not impressed with these sheets. Of the premium sheets I've ordered over the years, they are my least favorite. Not soft and do not exude quality.

Nicholas M. - Verified Buyer
Not smooth enough

Maybe when they have been washed a lot more the fabric will soften up. The price is much too high for what I got.

Reoma M. - Verified Buyer