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Percale Supreme Bedroom Bundle Reviews

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Falling apart after first use.

Was just about to throw these sheets in the laundry and noticed a long thread that had pulled out at one for the corners. It created a small hole not quite big enough for my pinky to poke through but I imagine it will get bigger. These are brand new- we couldn’t have had them on our bed for much more than a week. These were kind of a big spurge for us and I’m really disappointed in the quality. Too bad because we loved the feel!

Aaron S. - Verified Buyer

Sorry they felt like old cheesecloth sheets. They are sitting in my closet as I don’t have a way to return them. I am locked in my home because of covid. We are an elderly couple that cant go out.

Carlene C. - Verified Buyer
Quality was absolutely terrible

Compared this to a Parachute percale set I bought 3 years ago, which is my absolute favorite, and there’s zero resemblance. The weave was noticeably looser, the fabric was much thinner, it felt like one of those cheap sheets coated in plastic (even though Parachute claims it’s not) and worst of all I was super hot within 10 minutes. Switched to my Parachute sheet from 3 years ago and it stayed cool and comfortable as always. Also, the sheet was weirdly huge in the middle and had to be tucked in when my old sheet set fits the mattress perfectly. It’s so sad that the company hasn’t maintained the quality, they certainly lost me as a customer.

Yael G. - Verified Buyer
Too rough

Too rough

Thomas C. - Verified Buyer

I found these sheets scratchy and returned them. :(

Anna D. - Verified Buyer
First wash, super scratchy and course but also thin?

Caveat. I've only washed these once and hopeful a 2nd wash will soften them up, but first impressions - surprisingly thin out of the package and found myself waking up all night from the scratchy sheets. I was expecting a more immediately luxurious experience for the price point but hope to revise this review after another wash.

Ashley G. - Verified Buyer

So scratchy and nothing like my other Parachute orders of the same product. Quality has gone down, don’t buy.

Bryn S. - Verified Buyer
Wrong pillowcases

I love your product but I ordered percale pillowcases and I got linen.

Kathleen D. - Verified Buyer
Just very meh

Not worth the price, not as soft as we anticipated.

Kristin G. - Verified Buyer
Just very meh

Not worth the price, not as soft as we anticipated.

Kristin G. - Verified Buyer