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Percale Sheet Set Reviews

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Didn’t live up to the hype. Not that soft

Emily S. - Verified Buyer
Fitted sheet of very poor quality - a major disappointment

I purchased a fitted sheet for our queen-sized bed hoping that it would be far superior to what is available at other retailers we have tried. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed. The fabric is very thin and does not have the feel of nice, crisp percale cotton. Additionally, the sizing for the sheet is all wrong. We have a standard queen-sized mattress. This sheet fits like a baggy pair of overalls. It is does not pull tight across the mattress and, in the morning, it is all bunched up. It is honestly not one bit better than a regular IKEA bottom sheet at many times the price. If this is the quality Parachute is touting, I can't imagine that they will last long!

Jacob S. - Verified Buyer

So disappointed in these sheets! Not soft at all, color is not as described on website.

Nixenia h. - Verified Buyer
Not sure if I like

Not sure if I like the feel

Hope A. - Verified Buyer
Duvet cover came ripped

Opened my package only to find the duvet cover is ripped along the seams right near the button closure. Very disappointing. Will be sending back.

Meghan S. - Verified Buyer
Hole in the fitted sheet :(

Everything seemed awesome but when I put on the fitted sheet there was a hole! Everything else looks stellar but the hike is a huge buzz kill.

Ed M. - Verified Buyer

Washed my sheets as soon as I recieved them , they came out of the dryer very wrinkled. My biggest disappointment was the fact that after two nights the sheets had stretched and were bunching up

Laleh A. - Verified Buyer
Need more color choices

We loved the material of the sheets but when we got home the color did not look good at all with our furniture and wall colors. We tried to find another one that worked but other than the buff nothing was good. Hopefully you will have more color choices in the future. Because we only made the bed once we were also not sure about the amount of excess material in the fitted and flat sheets. I’m sure we’d figure that out eventually.

Barry R. - Verified Buyer
Not a sheet set. It's a set that contains 1x sheet.

Wanted to love them. I know some don't like top sheets but I wish they would adjust to allow you "not to buy" the top sheet rather than "adding a top sheet." This would prevent confusion and offer this item a more accurate description.

Nathan W. - Verified Buyer
Not great

The sheets are not soft at all.

Kodi - Verified Buyer