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Percale Sham Set Reviews

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Pretty Good. A little disappointed for the price.

The Duvet cover is very nice -- soft and comfortable. One major complaint is how wrinkly it gets. I have a larger washer / dryer and cannot seem to get this thing wrinkle free. I've tried hang drying etc as well and it is always incredibly wrinkly. Never had this problem with a duvet cover or sheets before.

Nathan S. - Verified Buyer
Percale set Putty color showed discoloration after just few nights

I love the material, soft and so comfy. Unfortunately after two nights the set showed discoloration at the contact areas that I could not remove. I live in moderate climate and never had similar issue before, it looked like sweat stains and it showed on every single set that was used by the family (even for my 4 year old kid). I hope it's only an issue with the dye and I exchanged it for a different color.

Hanna M.
The shade “Putty” looks more lavender

I’m very disappointed with regards to the color “putty”. I was expecting a Gray/Beige tone. It looks lavender! I even purchased the swatches to verify the color. When I received the actual duvet cover, it looked more lavender and lighter than the sample/swatch I received. Beware if you are wanting and expecting a beige toned color. Going to return and try another color.

Stephanie B.
Good, but would like better design / quality

I owned 3 of the duvets, in gray, sand and blue, for a bit under two years (along with cases and fitted sheets). They were washed every two weeks, so I estimate about 15 times. First, at this price range, I think Parachute has absolutely the best colors - they are neutral and subdued and they look nice without standing out in a room. This was why I bought them. Also the washed percale is cool and soft. Also they are very good with shipping & returns. So bravo on all those important things! After this amount of time, my pillowcases were a bit yellowed, so I ordered some replacements (another thing I like - Parachute sells individual pieces, not just sets). However, I discovered on receiving the new ones that the original sheets had faded too much to pair with the replacement pieces. Caveat: I do send my sheets out to be laundered, so they probably aren’t washed cold/dried low. And I’m not sure if Parachute sheets are more or less prone to fading than competitors. There are a couple reasons I opted not to reorder full sets. First, I’ve found other percale sheets that are cheaper yet crisper and smoother to the touch, for less money. Parachute doesn’t disclose thread count, but it feels to me like they use something lower than 300 and soften the material with the garment wash. Not saying threadcount matters - it’s just my hypothesis from comparison and use. Second, and more importantly, I find Parachute’s duvet design overly frustrating to put on and remove: - the rubber buttons are very grippy and hard to button and unbutton. I’ve never had a comforter with plastic buttons unbutton, so I don’t think the rubber is necessary. I suppose they might be less breakage prone, but I’ve not had that problem either. Change to plastic buttons or rubber snaps. - I find the inner duvet ties aren’t long enough to tie a bow slip knot which is secure but I can loosen with one tug. I have competitor sheets with longer ties - there is extra material at the bottom to “pocket” the duvet inside the cover that is just fussy and unnecessary. It’s possible Parachute has updated these details since 2017, but I wouldn’t know. I’m leaving a detailed review because I think Parachute has good products and service, and offer my thoughts in a constructive spirit for their consideration for improvement.

Mark P.
Not what I was expecting

The duvet is cozy, but honestly not as premium as I was expecting. I have a similar Boll and Branch duvet that is MUCH nicer in terms of material and construction. Thought I'd try Parachute, but now kinda wish I didn't. Still might return it, but will give it a chance for a few days at least.

Ryan C.
I wish they would have lasted

I purchased these sheets about 3.5 years ago, my first real bedding splurge as an adult, and fell in love with them. They do feel amazing. A great combo of crisp and soft. However, after about 3 months, I noticed a few tiny holes in the duvet. From wear, it appeared. I've kept using them - at the time, as an only-recently-not-broke former grad student, I wasn't in the position to throw out usable sheets. Since then, they've been my back up for when I've been super lazy about laundry. And they are very comfortable. But the duvet has continued to wear through in multiple place, on both sides of the duvet cover, these small holes that drive me nuts. None of the duvet covers I had before this one, or that I've had since - from the cheapo discount store sheet sets to a competitor's 300 thread count organic percale - have ever worn through like that. Same duvet, only me using it. I don't get it. Maybe this one was a fluke. I hope so. They'd have been perfect if they had lasted.

Just ok, crisp cotton but not super soft

This will work however I was expecting something extremely soft after reading the reviews. The cotton is crisp but not super soft. Also I noticed it wrinkles very easily, I need to iron it before putting it on the comforter.

Pretty average feel. And not

Pretty average feel. And not as dark as I’d hoped.

Ariel K. - Verified Buyer

Love the clay color, but fabric is scratchy and overpriced.

Lauren S. - Verified Buyer
Color faded

Everything is great about these, except the color faded hard core after one wash.

Garrett S. - Verified Buyer