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Organic Cotton Towels Reviews

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Finally found a great towel...

These Organic Cotton Towels are my new favorites. Love everything about them. Great natural colors, lighter weight, very absorbent, and the perfect feel. Years ago I purchased the Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Towels and thought they were average at best. I recently visited one of your new stores and bought these on the spot. I have been looking a long time for the perfect towel and my search is now over. Please let me know if you ever decide to discontinue this line so I can order a lot more.

Lighter weight than the other towels

I live in a damp climate, so I'm really happy that these are a lighter weight than the other parachute towels I have because they dry faster hanging in my bathroom. The tan color is really beautiful.

Color descriptions would be appreciated!

I ordered the "willow" color which turned out to be a light green-brown. Very difficult to describe. Not necessarily a bad color, but not what was expected from the images. They also feel rather thin compared to the heathered or turkish towels that I have from Parachute. Won't be keeping these unfortunately!


I've had the regular Parachute Turkish cotton towels for a few years and bought these organic cotton towels thinking they would be an upgrade. While they are very soft and light, I found that I prefer the regular Parachute towels and wish I'd bought a new set of them instead. These just don't feel as luxurious as the regular towels and don't seem able to absorb as much water. On the plus side, they do seem to dry faster between uses. They lint like crazy in the dryer...make sure you check your lint filter multiple times when they are drying.

Todd E. - Verified Buyer
I did not receive my

I did not receive my full order but have not had time to follow up. So far I have only received 2 towels

Sean L. - Verified Buyer
Organic cotton towels

I purchased 6 sets of the organic cotton towels based on the reviews from several publications and the company’s descriptions (quick-drying and soft). Though the cotton is very soft, they’re not quick-drying. Additionally, several towels had loose threads and the loops meant for hanging were not securely attached; therefore, we could not hang the towels. For the price of the towels, I expected more.

Cynthia R. - Verified Buyer

I was really excited for these towels but am ultimately disappointed. They snag SO easily and on everything. Between my nails and literally anything else, they have snagged so much and when you catch a loop the whole thing starts to unravel.


I Would not recommend or purchase these towels again. They look nice but don’t absorb well. I have been using them for about 2 weeks but unfortunately, they are not absorbent as my other organic towels.

Great look but not the best absorption :(

I love the way these towels look and that's why I got them. Unfortunately they don't feel as good and doesn't absorb well. I am giving them two stars for its look but the rest of what you expect from a luxury organic towel is unfortunately missing :( I’m disappointed.

Genesis M.
Low Quality Towels

After 1 week of use, the towels began to unravel. Multiple treads pulled out of their loops. I returned them disappointedly. I thought I was purchasing high-end, but the quality was on-par to Target towels.

Loraine - Verified Buyer