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Organic Cotton Sham Set Reviews

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Pretty color

The color is so pretty, not as soft as I thought they would be but still lovely

Dominique V. - Verified Buyer
Wonderful fabric

I love the sheets - very nice quality - not a fan of the design of the pillowcases - the fold on the back prevents me from flipping the pillow to get a cool side

NANCY D. - Verified Buyer
Doesn’t fit full-sized mattress well

I really like the fabric but it does not fit my mattress snuggly. I have a Tuft and Needle full sized mattress: 54” by 75” by 9.5” and the sheet is very loose. I wish there were a fix because I’d like to buy it again in a different color.

Heidi J.

Nice color and fabric but wrinkles horribly.

Kris T.
They're fine.

It pains me to say that I've really struck out with the new Organic Cotton Collection! I really wanted to love it, as it's all-natural, all-seasons vibe is exactly what I was after. However, the Air Cotton Quilt was a huge miss for me and was returned. And this Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet + Pillowcases (I don't use a top sheet) are merely...fine. I was pretty surprised by how thin they were.. Maybe I'm wrong to equate high-quality sheets with thickness, but I've always been so impressed with the plushness of Parachute towels, as well as the sturdy quality of the linen bedding set, AND the coziness sumptuous of the Cloud Cotton Quilt. I was expecting that same thick quality feel here, and was taken aback when I took them out of the package. They're extremely thin. Maybe that's intentional, and they're meant to be air-light, but for me, this translated to just "so-so" quality. Nothing wrong with the sheet, exactly. They're smooth and crisp as cotton should be, the elastic on the fitted sheet seems like it'll hold up. I just feel like they're akin to cotton sheets I've purchased at BB&B or Target for a fraction of the cost. If you're looking for a well-made cotton sheet that's environmentally made, this might be exactly what you're after. I just wasn't blown away like I usually am with Parachute bedding purchases.

Pillowcases a bit larger than the Parachute pillows.

Love the sheet set, but the pillowcases are a bit larger than the Parachute pillow and sort of dangles , I find a way to tuck it in, but after sleeping it opens and dangles again; just more fabric than fits the pillow. I do like the sheets and color though.

Christina G. - Verified Buyer
Not worth the money- honest review

I really very much wanted to love these towels. I just simply don’t. They are not worth the money. Upon arrival, they are awesome. But, they had stickers on them that must be removed prior to washing. And with each careful removal, the towels began to pull and ruin. I contacted customer service. No help. Following multiple washes they still appear white, but the quality has already diminished. I got the entire bundle. I should have tried one. I wouldn’t have bought a second. Don’t waste your money - so disappointing. Parachute blankets and sheets are worth it, though, stay clear of the bath towels.

Gina B.
Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet had a very strong manufacturing smell and I had to wash it twice to get it out. Also the sheet is not very soft, but rather stiff.

Karin F. - Verified Buyer
Rough and scratchy

I had high hopes for these pillow cases and the sheets, but they were rough and scratchy. I even washed them several times with vinegar and baking soda as suggested but it didn’t help. Luckily I was able to return them.

Julieta H. - Verified Buyer
Rough and scratchy

I had high hopes for these sheets, but they were so uncomfortable to sleep on. The second I took them out of the packaging I could tell they weren’t going to work. I tried to wash them with baking soda and vinegar but even after several washes they still felt the same. Unfortunately I had to return them.

Julieta H. - Verified Buyer