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Eco Comfort Mattress Reviews

197 Reviews

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Love, love our new mattress.

We have slept amazingly well since we bought our new mattress. Beat decision ever !!

Elizabeth B. - Verified Buyer
Matress review

great support no matter how you sleep! Paired with the Mattress Pad, if envelopes you in Comfort. Would buy another one if the need arose.

Thomas H. - Verified Buyer
Love this mattress

I spent a lot of time researching many different online mattress companies and ultimately decided to buy a Parachute Mattress. From the first night, I loved this mattress. I've always preferred a softer, pillow-top mattress, but over the past few years started feeling lower back pain. I also prefer to sleep on my stomach. The Parachute Mattress is described as firm, but I find it very comfortable. I haven't had back pain since, and sleeping with my Parachute Duvet insert has been a dream. I highly recommend. Its worth the investment.

Jennifer L. - Verified Buyer
The best sleep I’ve had

Comfortable, temperature controlled, soft yet firm. My wife and I love it

Jorge C. - Verified Buyer
I feel like a real adult!

For the first time in my life, I finally purchased a high quality mattress and boy has it been so worth it! The mattress took a couple days to soften a bit, but it is easily the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I no longer wake with aches and pains. I finally sleep through the night, no longer disturbed by my former hot mattress. This mattress is cool, so high quality, and one of the best investments in myself I’ve made in a long time!

Meg P. - Verified Buyer
worth the investment

Previously had a foam mattress and this is a major upgrade in comfort! My fiance is a hot sleeper and he agrees.

Marla M. - Verified Buyer

This is the first mattress I've owned in over 15 years that's not memory foam. I love it. Very pleased with the entire experience, quality of products, and everything. Thank you to everyone. ❤️

Jessica K. - Verified Buyer
Best nights sleep

We went from a high end foam mattress to the new parachute and we are delighted. Seriously the biggest problem is we are sleeping in every day! Cannot tell you how happy we are with the parachute mattress! Now, how do we get one to our new place on Maui!!??

Susan T. - Verified Buyer
First 3 days, I awakened

First 3 days, I awakened to backaches, but they went away rather quickly. I assumed my spine needed to make an adjustment to the new mattress. Able to sleep well without any problems now. No complaints from my husband.

Lana B. - Verified Buyer

The mattress seems to be wonderful. We have it in our guest room and our visiting family loves it. Thanks so much.

Terry S. - Verified Buyer