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Eco Comfort Mattress Reviews

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Gently held

Superb. Hard to believe but the support is definitely there in all the right places with a gentle firmness.

M D. - Verified Buyer

Mattress is comfortable.

Robert B. - Verified Buyer
We LOVE this mattress!

We recently went through all the possible mattress options - Sleep Number (like sleeping on a raft), organic latex (no support), and a combo of coils and foam (better, but not great). THANKFULLY we found the Parachute mattress! It is firm and supportive without feeling like a brick. This is an EXCELLENT choice!

Jody T. - Verified Buyer
Couldn’t be happier

The touch and feel, along with the quality of the finishing touches stands out immediately after unboxing. The he natural materials also means there’s none of the off-gassing you might experience when opening other mattresses. This may sound obvious, but you can definitely tell it’s an inner-spring mattress. So if you prefer the feel of memory foam (etc.) just know that going in. As a side sleeper, the bed is great. It’s a little bit softer than other inner springs which is ideal for my side-sleep posture. I like a firm-ish bed but the additional give in the springs where my hipbone lays is nice for feeling good alignment. We’ve paired the mattress with the Parachute down alternative topper for the bonus of a pillow-top feel and the combination is A+. P.S. Our dog is in love with the new bed too.

Thaddeus F. - Verified Buyer
King Firm Mattress

First, the white glove delivery makes receiving the mattress easy-pest. Second, abs more important the mattress is wonderful - firm enough for my husband’s taste but soft enough for me!

Nancy B. - Verified Buyer
The best mattress we have ever had!

We got one for us and one for our 6 year old son. We previously purchased the Avocado mattress and noticed it was a little saggy and that the natural latex smell would not go away so we had to return. We chose parachute because of the high quality materials and because it didn’t have any latex. The parachute mattress has no smell, which is so important to me because I am super sensitive to scent. We were worried it would be super firm, but it’s perfect! It’s the most comfortable mattress we have ever had. Our six year old son says he sleeps “deeply” now. We couldn’t be happier.

Katie C. - Verified Buyer
Like other reviewers... we cannot get out of bed.

Before purchasing The Mattress I did what most may call an unnecessary amount of research. Anyone who knows me well is unsurprised by this anecdotal information. This was my first 'real' mattress purchase, now that I was moving out of my tiny NYC apartment with a roommate and into a marginally larger NYC apartment with my boyfriend. We have loved all things Parachute for a few years now, so when we popped into the Soho store, the natural decision was to test out a mattress made by the people we know fondly as, 'the true masters of comfort'. In testing it, I must disclose that I was skeptic. I was coming off a foam mattress, and before that a very firm mattress that was comparable to sleeping on hardwood flooring. The pillow-y softness was foreign to me, and I couldn't decide which side of the pros/cons list this fell on. I was a steadfast, firm mattress girl. My S.O. on the other hand immediately fell in love with it, and while didn't understand my doubts - he was not met with shock that I would choose to prolong this search (see 1st paragraph). I begrudgingly dragged my feet on a decision and brought him to a few more mattress specialty stores in the city. I painstakingly combed through the reviews on this very site at 1am on my phone, lying on my beloved foam mattress. Slowly but surely, I came to the conclusion that we needed to make a decision with our move date just one week out. We pulled trigger.... Cut to present day. I am older. I am wiser. I cannot get out of bed in the morning. If you have made it through this exceedingly long review, you are likely, much like me and agonize over every decision: big or small. I am here to tell you that there's a common theme amongst these reviews... so let's cut to the chase. Many owners of The Mattress are oversleeping, they too, cannot get out of the bed in the morning. There is one huge, glaring problem with this mattress. What is it, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's too comfortable. I love it way too much to ever leave it earlier than 10am-- a conundrum that is completely enabled by the new WFH status quo. (Read: I am totally f***** if I ever have to go back into an office at an appropriate hour.) If you're trying to make a decision on whether or not to purchase this mattress, or you're looking to read the tea leaves in these reviews to find the answer... you're silly. Just order it. I am the proud owner of "The Mattress" from Parachute and I totally (italics, please) wanted this mattress from first test.

Lacey G. - Verified Buyer

So so so comfortable!

Jordan R. - Verified Buyer
Love my Parachute mattress!

I am sleeping so much better since buying this mattress . It is very comfortable, not too firm and not too soft. My back feels so much better than it used to in the morning and I feel overall more rested. Love it!

Joyce G. - Verified Buyer
The Mattress

So comfortable. Love this mattress. Only wish you made a foundation too!

Michelle M. - Verified Buyer