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Eco Comfort Mattress Reviews

211 Reviews

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There's good. There's better. Then, there's the best.

At first glance, this mattress is beautiful. The color, texture, and fabric are peaceful. And the tufting is like little nests. There is a clean smell, just like coming home. We added an organic topper and Parachute pillows (firm for him and medium for her) and it was the complete package. We are over the moon in our little oasis. Thank you for a top notch product delivered in just days.

Michelle B. - Verified Buyer
Satisfaction complete

Best bed we’ve ever experienced. Our house now has two...what more can we say. I’ve never been a back sleeper, but find this bed so comfortable that I have naturally found deep rest on my back, just like laying on a mossy forest floor, there’s a firm yet cushioned support, unlike any other bed we’ve tried.

Emma L. - Verified Buyer
Love my mattress

This bed is so wonderful!!! I suffer back pain and this has helped me so much!!! The only problem is I never want to leave my bed!!!

Valerie P. - Verified Buyer
Mattress and bedding linen bundle

Excellent and beyond comfy and cozy just so so perfect love all pieces best ever

Jolie K. - Verified Buyer
No Pain!

Its wonderful to wake up ,get up, move with no pain anywhere! I thought my age, not my mattress ,was causing the back, arm, neck and side pain. I'm 83 and a half ( oldsters a proud that they made it this far). It worries me a bit that I've made a discernible hollow where my apple shape rests. Is this Parachute mattress comfort going to last a few years? The answer. of course, is to lose the apple shape ... and appreciate each day with no pain!

Jean E. - Verified Buyer
Best Mattress by Far!

We purchased this mattress for our second home thinking if we didn’t love it we’d truly only be using it a few times out of the year. Now we plan to purchase one for our primary residence. Love how soft but supporting is! Will never purchase another brand of mattress.

Erlin T. - Verified Buyer
EXACTLY meets my expectations

I had really high hopes for this mattress, and I made sure to wait until I had sufficient time to sleep on it before reviewing it - especially since it is a relatively big purchase. I have one correction of my review title, this mattress actually exceeded my expectations. My girlfriend and I had been sleeping on a mail order memory foam mattress that was only ~7" thick for the last 6 years or so. We both were waking up with aches and pains and never getting a good nights rest. Finally, I decided to splurge a bit and take the plunge to buy The Mattress by Parachute and I'm so glad I did. The material is super soft to the touch and I only wish I could sleep straight on the mattress without any bed sheets. It's a perfect combination of firm (but not too firm and conforms to your body shape) and soft in all the right places. I never get those annoying pains at the pressure points. Overall, A+ mattress. Thank you for the great night's sleep, Parachute!

Dante F. - Verified Buyer

The first night I slept more than I had in years. You get comfortable faster and my usual tossing and turning - a thing of the past. Is it my imagination that my feet even get warmer faster? Not sure but love this mattress!

Fern L. - Verified Buyer

Yes I am loving it. along with the side sleep pillows. I was waking up with sore shoulders and neck pain with my old Mattress. Its unbelievable but I am sleeping very conformable and relaxed. I am very satisfied, I would buy this product again.

David O. - Verified Buyer
Love our new mattress!

We have been sleeping well knowing that the mattress does not have any toxic chemicals used in the materials. It is very comfortable whether you are a back or side sleeper.

Kit E. - Verified Buyer