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Eco Comfort Mattress Reviews

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Chemical odor and already compressing

Hello-I am sorry to write a negative review, as I really love Parachute products (I have a quilt and a duvet that I love.) I was excited to see Parachute finally makes a mattress, as I was long overdue for a new one. However, The Mattress has disappointed. I have had it for only 10 days and there are already indentations where my husband and I sleep, including a hump in the center. It does have the proper firmness for us, I agree with other reviews that "it's firm, but with give." It is very comfortable, but I fear it will continue to sag overtime as the layers compress. My #1 problem with this mattress, which I am very surprised about (as no one else has mentioned it) is the strong odor. It is a chemical smell that is very off-putting. It makes my sheets, bedclothes and hair smell. Even after being away from home all day, when I walk into my bedroom I can smell it. It's so terrible I must return it. I am wondering if the wool was treated in some way to cause this?

Amy C.

I liked that there was no off gassing and no harmful materials or latex but that being was like sleeping on a marshmallow - zero support - my back was in agony. I guess that a mattress that can be rolled up in a box will not offer that much support but I was hopeful because I really wanted a zero latex mattress made of non-toxic materials - almost impossible to find. If Parachute ever makes a mattress with more support that doesn't come in a box out of the same great materials - I would give it a try.

Allison S. - Verified Buyer
Beware of "white glove" delivery

I purchased this mattress as a gift, and paid $150 extra for white glove delivery so that the old mattress would be removed. Delivery was re-scheduled several times, and when the mattress arrived on a Saturday, they refused to take the old mattress. I called Parachute, but the voicemail was full (never a good sign). I sent an email, and never received any response at all. Until this request for a review.

Nanette N. - Verified Buyer
Not what I expected

I really really wanted to love this mattress.. but it doesn’t keep a shape, like it looks slouchy. I can also feel the little knots that run screws the mattress, and we have the down mattress cover so that says a lot. I will be returning this:((

Lura L. - Verified Buyer

I really wish that parachute would pull this mattress or sell it for $500 because that’s all it’s worth, if that! The whole experience has been disastrous from the five week shipping time, where the mattress was in fact stored for four weeks, in Los Angeles, instead of being shipped to me which is two hours away. I believe there is a high turnover on these mattresses, and I believe ...although I cannot prove it , that my mattress is a used mattress. It arrived saggy, hard and after just a couple of nights sleeping on it already has a Ridge in the middle and two canyons On either side . I’ve already initiated a return on this mattress, and bought another awesome mattress from a local store for only 1299 which is so far superior than this literal piece of junk that I implore you all to think twice!

Judy H. - Verified Buyer
Worst sleep of my life

If you want to experience what Hell is like before getting there, try this mattress. The price point alone is painful, but this doesn’t hold a candle to the torturous experience of sleeping on this mattress night after night. I would (and am) paying money to rid my life of this mess. It’s disappointing regardless of whether you prefer firm or soft mattresses. There’s no support from the stiffness of the construction, due to mystifyingly placed tufts all over the surface of the mattress, which jab you like a fencer given how hard the whole thing is. “Ok,” you may think, “at least that must mean there wouldn’t be much motion transference.” Oh my sweet summer child. If your partner/cat/roommate joins you after you’re already asleep, enjoy the sensation of being JIGGLED awake. If you’ve never been on a Greyhound, luck you — you’ll now get to learn what it feels like! I was really excited to try this mattress. Now I’m thrilled to be getting rid of it. TL; DR: hard, not firm. Tufts are clearly a ploy to get you to buy mattress topper. There is a significant amount of motion transference, so if your partner or pets are fidgety, dont plan on sleeping.

Raymond U. - Verified Buyer
Poor Choice-Not recommended

Unfortunately the CalKing is so uncomfortable I cannot sleep in it at all. I wake up with a lower back, leg numb and body aching all over. And because I really wanted this bed to work, I've spent an additional $1,000.00 on mattress cover and body pillow hoping that would make it that much more comfortable-but to no avail. I'm wishing for my old mattress back. Until we can figure out what to replace the CalKing Parachute with, I'm now sleeping in the guest bedroom where we do have a queen size Parachute and it is "okay"-but still not ideal for good sleep.

Maureen D. - Verified Buyer
Not worth it

I am a fairly normal sized person (125 lbs) and I leave a dent in the mattress. Also - Finding sheets to for the king is impossible - even the Parachute brand is made for a deep mattress - which this is not. Would not recommend to anyone.

Short and squishy

The queen mattress I received is about 5" shorter than advertised and does not fit my bed frame properly, creating a large gap. My pillows are now falling in-between the mattress and my headboard. I also find it to be much softer than advertised. The firmness is rated as a 8 but would rate it as a 5 at most.

Be aware!

Despite the salespeople telling you that your old mattress will be taken away, they lied. And you don’t learn that until your new mattress is being unloaded. I’m now spending $200 to have my old mattress removed. I would go with any other brand because I’ve never had this happen before. Awful, to lie just for a sale.