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Eco Comfort Mattress Reviews

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Ahhhh, Restful Sleep

I had been looking at this mattress for little over a year. Our old one definitely needed to be replaced. We had even gotten Parachute’s down bed to make it more comfortable. My hubby and I are both in our 50s. And, the mornings had been tough because we were so stiff. The down bed helped, but that old mattress had to go. I did my research and still came back to Parachute’s. I wish we would have purchased this mattress years ago. It is so comfortable. It is so soft that it’s hard to get out of, and it isn’t so hard that you’re stiff in the morning. It was worth every single penny! Don’t hesitate to buy this mattress. It is so worth it!

Paula K. - Verified Buyer


Michael K. - Verified Buyer
Just the best

It’s very comfortable. It’s a dream to sleep on. I have in my home - queen and standard, and if I need one more, I’ll be definitely the one from Parachute.

Mariya N. - Verified Buyer
so far, this is an

so far, this is an excellent mattress!

Bronwyn M. - Verified Buyer
Best mattress ever!

Sincerely the best sleep we have ever had. 10/10 highly recommend!

Kacie S. - Verified Buyer
very comfortable

getting great sleep on our new parachute bed

Eric P. - Verified Buyer
Unbelievably Comfortable

My husband tends to toss and turn a lot and this mattress must absorb a lot of the impact which helps me sleep. It’s firm yet plush. I sleep mainly on my side and back and this mattress does it. Delivery was very slow and during the wait time we go daily calls for our old one to be picked up prematurely. That was the only down side to dealing with Parachute. As always, their product hands down is wonderful.

Miriam O. - Verified Buyer
Mattresses fit for a queen and king

We are loving our queen and king mattresses. Very comfortable, not to soft and not too firm, just right. My arm usually falls asleep and wakes me up at night but have not had that problem. Thank you for making a fabulous mattress!

Kimberly R. - Verified Buyer
Supreme Quality. Unmatched Comfort.

Sleep is so important to me. Given that we spend so much time sleeping, I wanted to start investing in materials that provide the best experience. I have been keeping my eye on this mattress for a while, doing my research and finally decided to make the decision to invest. Sleep has improved so much more and I sleep way longer that I ever have.

Asaad F. - Verified Buyer

This bed is beyond cozy! Firm and supportive yet comfortable and feels like you're sleeping on a cloud. Highly recommend. Plus, some of the best customer service I have ever received.

Madeline A. - Verified Buyer