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Eco Comfort Mattress Reviews

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Not Firm as Described

Mattress is not "bad" did not help with providing relief to back pain. The mattress was not nearly as firm as explained. I have been trying to return the mattress for several weeks but have not received much assistance. I'm still waiting for a date for the mattress to be picked up.

Sergio S. - Verified Buyer
This mattress is not up to the Parachute standard

I love Parachute, and have bought sheets, a comforter, quilt, and towels from them, all of high and durable quality. When it was time for a new mattress, buying this one seemed like a no-brainer. The mattress has a springy, bouncy feel that will be unusual to people who have become used to foam; the motion control is not ideal, but my partner and I both slept well on it. However, over the first week, dips began to appear below each of our bodies. We have had the mattress for six weeks now and the bed now sags badly under us, with a raised ridge between our bodies. This would be nuts even if we had owned the product for a few years rather than a few weeks. We are returning it--the good news is that Parachute is very accommodating with returns. They need to go back to the lab with this one.

Alexandra S. - Verified Buyer
Sadly, disappointed

The good: the mattress looks nice. The bad: The pillowtop portion has already started sagging after just a couple of weeks of use there are those "troughs" you see in old mattresses. When side sleeping, our arms fall asleep, and we wake up numb. There is not enough give in the mattress to allow for comfortable side sleeping. Heat We wake up each night overheated. The mattress sleeps hot. Covid: unfortunately due to the virus, there is not white glove setup or takeaway of your old mattress. Also, no discount provided for the absence of these services. The mattress hunt continues, unfortunately.

Thomas G. - Verified Buyer
Buyer beware!

My king size mattress was two inches short in width and almost 3 inches short in length. I expect better quality control for such a "high end" mattress! It got returned!

Gloria M. - Verified Buyer

We shopped extensively and decided on this mattress based on reviews, including video reviews, and our experience with other parachute products, like percale sheets. We were many, many years overdue for a new mattress and blamed our back complaints and stiffness on the old mattress. We were impressed with the packaging and organic materials described in the marketing for this mattress. It is obviously well made. Remarkably, there was absolutely no smell when it was opened. We were quickly disappointed, however, because a ridge developed between the two of us in the queen mattress as if we had dug holes on each side where we slept. It doesn’t feel as firm as we thought it would be. We both prefer to be side sleepers and rarely back sleepers. When we make the bed in the morning, there is a clear bump in the middle. If one of has the opportunity to sleep in the bed alone, it feels more comfortable. We will be moving this mattress to a guest room soon and looking elsewhere for a firmer, organic alternative.

Loved at first, now not so much :(

Honestly, after the first couple of nights I was ready to give this mattress a 5 star review...I was loving it!! But now, only 4 weeks later, there is already significant sagging on each side where my wife and I sleep. We are both average sized people, both under 6' tall / 180lbs. I just can't see any reason why a premium $2,000 mattress would break down so quickly. It also feels like whatever padding was there is now almost completely gone. I usually steer clear of trendy boutique brands because I find they almost always promise more than they deliver, and I think this is a perfect example of that. Sophisticated marketing and a slick website can't replace a quality, well made product.

Kristopher K.
mound in the middle

I am very sad to write this negative review as I love Parachute products and the philosophy of the company and actually sleep pretty well on this mattress but am having a hard time getting past the fact that after sleeping on it for 5 months, there is a small mound in the middle of the bed and I'm afraid it's growing. My husband and I purchased the king size mattress, which was a huge splurge for us but we both had issues with our previous foam mattress and needed something made with natural fibers that offered good support. The Parachute mattress has resolved his aching back issues and my night sweats and we both sleep much better on it than our previous one. But . . . After the first two weeks I noticed body compressions on both of our sides that didn't go away throughout the day. And now, after five months, there is a mound in the middle of the bed that looks like a divider going straight down the middle. It is the most obvious when the bed is made as the bedding is neat and flat and not rumpled up to disguise it. I know aesthetics isn't everything but I really do like to make my bed every day and have it look clean and inviting when I go to bed at night but when I see that mound, I regret my purchase and fear what it will look like in another 6 months. I would not recommend this mattress for that reason alone. If you are going to pay top dollar, your mattress should not only feel but look amazing!

Chemical odor and already compressing

Hello-I am sorry to write a negative review, as I really love Parachute products (I have a quilt and a duvet that I love.) I was excited to see Parachute finally makes a mattress, as I was long overdue for a new one. However, The Mattress has disappointed. I have had it for only 10 days and there are already indentations where my husband and I sleep, including a hump in the center. It does have the proper firmness for us, I agree with other reviews that "it's firm, but with give." It is very comfortable, but I fear it will continue to sag overtime as the layers compress. My #1 problem with this mattress, which I am very surprised about (as no one else has mentioned it) is the strong odor. It is a chemical smell that is very off-putting. It makes my sheets, bedclothes and hair smell. Even after being away from home all day, when I walk into my bedroom I can smell it. It's so terrible I must return it. I am wondering if the wool was treated in some way to cause this?

Amy C.
Beware of "white glove" delivery

I purchased this mattress as a gift, and paid $150 extra for white glove delivery so that the old mattress would be removed. Delivery was re-scheduled several times, and when the mattress arrived on a Saturday, they refused to take the old mattress. I called Parachute, but the voicemail was full (never a good sign). I sent an email, and never received any response at all. Until this request for a review.

Nanette N. - Verified Buyer
Not what I expected

I really really wanted to love this mattress.. but it doesn’t keep a shape, like it looks slouchy. I can also feel the little knots that run screws the mattress, and we have the down mattress cover so that says a lot. I will be returning this:((

Lura L. - Verified Buyer