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Wool Mattress Topper Reviews

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I love it

I love it

Elena S. - Verified Buyer
Plush natural comfort

I’m so glad Parachute makes this wool (the miracle fabric) topper. And the softness of the pile makes a once dull mattress enjoyable.

Lucy B. - Verified Buyer
What a topper!

I've been shopping around for some time trying to find the perfect topper to help soften up a hard mattress. I couldn't be happier that I found this one! The wool is plush and absolutely beautiful! It is the perfect thickness to add relief to any pressure points my hard mattress had been hurting, it makes the entire bed feel so luxurious, and most importantly it perfectly regulates temperature; no more sweaty nights! I highly recommend this topper to anyone ready for soft sweet nights.

Azia G. - Verified Buyer
Wool Mattress Topper

We purchased a new mattress last year. We believe the mattress was firmer than what we thought as when purchasing a new mattress it is difficult to be sure the one you select will work for you. The wool mattess topper has improved our comfort and relieved discomfort on pressure points.

Kathy R. - Verified Buyer
Soft fluffy comforting slice of heaven

It relieves pressure points and I sleep much deeper and it helps my whole body to relax. Who cares if the fluff sheds - its real and organic and it’s not like its going to all fall off. I just slipped it under my sheet and bam - lights out for me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do - worth the money!

Nicole C. - Verified Buyer
Too thin and fraying already upon opening

I sent it back

Cynthia B. - Verified Buyer
I’m impressed

My bed gives me back pain. I was looking for a solution through a topper rather than a whole new mattress. I tried a latex topper and it didn’t do much for the pain plus it made me hot. I decided to give this wool topper a try. When I saw it in person I was skeptical it would make any difference for my back pain because it’s not that thick, I also thought it would make me hot. To my surprise it has eliminated the pain and keeps my body temperature regulated. I’m impressed!

Keiko N. - Verified Buyer
best. topper. ever!!!

I purchased a mattress a year ago and, as much as I love the firmness of the mattress, I didn’t love that it was a little too firm for my pressure points. After doing some research and trying several other mattress toppers, down and then memory foam, I came across wool mattress toppers. With the company’s liberal return policy, I decided to try it out. Love love love this topper! It’s like sleeping on a cloud! The only regret…how did I not know about this sooner?! I’ve already sung its praises to several friends. Thank you for making my sleep just heavenly!

Gretchen S. - Verified Buyer

I have recommended this topper to so many people! It’s like sleeping on the cool, underside of your favorite soft pillow. I look forward to snuggling up in my cozy bed every night. Ill never go back to any other topper.

Stephanie W. - Verified Buyer

Bought this topper for my new parachute mattress & we love it. It seems to keep the temperature regulated which is great and it doesn’t leave body impressions which I like. So far, so great.

Tammy T. - Verified Buyer