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Cotton Mattress Protector Reviews

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Good quality but a little tight fitting

I got the cal king and while the quality is great the fit is pretty tight which I don’t love. I have a ultra soft pillow top so a tight mattress pad defeats the softness. This is a pretty deep mattress so I guess I’m not totally surprised but just wish it had deeper pockets.

Angela H. - Verified Buyer
less padded than expected

The mattress pad was nicely constructed, but had much less padding than I was expecting it to have. I am sure it would do the protection job but I wanted a more plush pad.

susan k. - Verified Buyer
Doesn't fit mattress

We purchased this to use with our Parachute king mattress, thinking surely it would fit! Imagine our surprise when it was incredibly baggy and wrinkly. I'm sure it's a fine product if it happens to fit your mattress, but it doesn't fit our mattress, made by the same company!

David M. - Verified Buyer

This mattress cover fit my king size bed perfectly. So many are too big and slide around. However, the sides of this cover were crinkly and made noise. Usually when my husband or I got up. I don’t understand as this was supposed to be 100 % cotton. (Cotton shouldn’t crinkle). I also slept very warm. Again 100% cotton should not cause me to heat up so much. I’m guessing the manufacturers have processed the cotton on such a way it’s changed the properties of 100% cotton.

Vianne P. - Verified Buyer
Good product, too thick for Tempurpedic Breeze

It’s a solid product, well constructed. Unfortunately it’s too thick to allow me to feel the cooling layer of my Tempurpedic breeze which is disappointing. :(

Kraig P. - Verified Buyer
one corner of the Duvet straps to secure duvet insert came unattached

The sheets are great but the comforter came with one of the corners straps just loose and not attached? Really sucks because the quality of the material and the sheets are great! wish this could be fixed :/

Kristina W. - Verified Buyer
Would Not Buy Again

Disappointed...the mattress protector is no where near the quality I would expect from a premium brand. The fabric is not soft, the padding has no substance and washing only compounds the deficiencies.

Thomas E. - Verified Buyer
Noisy and stiff

I purchased based on the high reviews and I'm so confused as to why no one mentioned how noisy it is. Right out the box it sounded like plastic bags. This is my first Parachute purchase and I'm disappointed in the quality.