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Marble Cloud Cotton Quilt Reviews

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I waited for months debating if I needed to spend $300 on this comforter and I finally did! Definitely worth the money! I freaking love it and don't want to get out of bed. It could become a problem! Lol

Jenn K. - Verified Buyer
Love sweet cloud

This is the BEST blanket. Soft immediately, deceptively feels light but keeps you wonderfully warm. You are my favorite brand!

Fern L. - Verified Buyer
Best blanket ever!

If you are thinking about buying this quilt, just do it! I have been lusting after the cloud cotton quilt for several years, never pulling the trigger because of the price…but it’s worth it! Lucky for me I picked up the marbled version during sale on sale. I got the clay/dune color which I love, sort of a light terracotta mixed with ivory, I paired it with the ocher linen sheets and I love the combination of the earthy colors. The quilt itself is magical, even my husband is obsessed! It’s so soft, light, breathable yet fluffy and heavy. Literally the most amazing combination! I also have the puckered cotton quilt from parachute, it’s nice but this cloud cotton blows it out of the water! My kids also have Turkish cotton blankets on their beds (from a different retailer but a very similar fabric) this cloud cotton from parachute is still the best I’ve ever felt. The only thing I worry about is how it might hold up, it’s already snagging in a few places but I think that is the nature of this material. Also, we have have a cal king bed and the blanket is huge! So much over hang, thank goodness…no more fighting over the covers at night with my husband haha! It’s just as good as everyone says, highly recommend this splurge!


Was a little hesitant after opening it from the package. It looked a bit too rough for comfort but boy was I wrong. Straight out of the wash, it was absolutely amazing. It literally hugs your body. It is so soft and breathable. Highly recommend.


First blanket in 35 years, husband and I both love. Even our cats now sleep (different sides but still) with us all the time. And it’s machine washable. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Fern L.
LOVE this quilt!

I recently received this quilt and so far I am LOVING it! It is beautiful, soft, cozy, warm without being hot, and luxurious. My son loves mine so much he now wants one as well. I haven't washed it yet and have only used it for a week, so I cannot attest to the durability, but so far I am very satisfied and would purchase again without hesitation.

Debbie E.
What a beautiful quilt!!

While I could on in regards to its functionality; I can't seem to get beyond it beauty which is absolutely exquisite. Highly recommend; u can thank me later.

Cheryl L.
Wish it was softer to the touch.

It us a very cozy blanket but the cover is not as soft on my skin as I would like and the quilt is not as heavy as I like either. It is a beautifully made, high quality comforter. If I knew what I know now I would not have spent to much money on it. Too expensive.

Annette B. - Verified Buyer
I like the quilt. It

I like the quilt. It is prettier than I anticipated. It is light and pretty soft. It is one of the warmer quilts and very warm...probably too warm for me but I am always hot!

Jennifer M. - Verified Buyer
Cloud is an apt name

My wife and I are a couple of blanket snobs living in a cold climate, with multiple Pendleton wool blankets within arms reach throughout our house. We purchased this quilt mostly as an aesthetic upgrade to our bedroom set, but I have been more than impressed with all its qualities. It has a gauze exterior that is INCREDIBLY soft andluxurious feeling, and it is absolutely beautiful. It has much more warmth than I actually anticipated (no need for our Pendleton's so far this fall/winter!), and it has a really balanced weight/heft as an overlay. My only reservation is its durability (TBD), and I worry that the soft gauze exterior may not survive well through multiple washings. The NYT Wirecutter team noted some fragility of this product that gives me pause. Until I have to wash it, this is five stars all the way, though! Four stars until I observe its durability.

Jeremy V. - Verified Buyer